Miracles Happen [A Nelena Story] Episode 74





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Uploaded on Oct 13, 2008

**in demis room**

Demi: sel! give me that! **reaches for the paper**

Selena: **moves the paper so demi cannot reach it and hands it to joe**

Joe: **confused**

Demi: **tries reaching for the paper**

Selena: **holds demi back and looks at joe** READ IT!!!

Joe: **confused and reads it**

Demi: **stops trying to break free of selenas grip**

Joe: **finishes reading the paper and looks up at demi**

Selena: **smiles** my job here is done. **leaves**

Demi: **looks at joe**

Joe: is this true?

Demi: **talks really fast** im sorry, i was just playing with some chords and selena came in. a-

Joe: is it really for me?

Demi: yea, i mean no.

Joe: so its not meant for me?

Demi: i mean yea, but its o-

Joe: **cuts demi off and kisses her**

Demi: **shocked**

Joe: **pulls away and smiles**

Demi: **starts tearing**

Joe: awwwnow why are you crying? **wipes her tears**

Demi: im sorry

Joe: you have nothing to be sorry for.

Demi: **still tearing and hugs joe**

Selena: **walks into demis room** FINALLY!

Demi: **laughs and throws a pillow at selena**

Selena: hey! i dont even get a thank you?

Demi: **runs to selena and gives her a hug** thanks sel.

Selena: im glad you guys are back together.

Joe: **looks at selena** thanks sel.

Selena: **smiles** im gonna leave you two alone now. **leaves**

**with selena**

Selena: **walking**

Ryan: **jumps in front of her**

Selena: **gets scared** AH!

Ryan: **laughs**

Selena: **hits him playfully** dont do that!

Ryan: so whats up?

Selena: welldemi and joe got back together.

Ryan: you look happy.

Selena: i am.

Ryan: **notices selena isnt wearing the necklace** why arent you wearing the necklace?

Selena: oohumi didnt wanna lose it.

Ryan: it doesnt mean you shouldnt wear it. you like it, dont you?

Selena: yeai love it.

Ryan: **smiles** good. well i gotta go. but ill call you later on and well do something.

Selena: okbye.

Ryan: **kisses selena on the cheek and leaves**

Selena: **phone rings** hello?

Nick: hey sel. are you busy right now?

Selena: no. why?

Nick: do you think you can come over?

Selena: umyea sure. ill be there in a few.

**at the jonas brothers house**

Nick: **yelling** kevin!!!

Kevin: **walks to nick** what?

Nick: you have to leave.

Kevin: why?

Nick: selenas coming.

Kevin: so?

Nick: i need some alone time with her.

Kevin: so youre kicking me out of my own house?

Nick: obviously.

Kevin: well im not leaving.

Nick: **hears the doorbell ring and looks at kevin** you have to leave now.

Kevin: no!

Nick: **opens the door** hey sel.

Selena: **walks in** hey nick. hey kevin.

Nick: no, its bye kevin. he was just about to leave.

Selena: why?

Nick: he has uhplans. **pushes kevin out the door and closes it**

what does nick have to tell selena?

will jemi last?


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