1. Jolene- Ray la Montagne cover

  2. lover eyes- Mumford and sons cover

  3. my time of need- Ryan adams cover

  4. Reminder- Mumford and sons cover

  5. Hit the road jack/ 7 nation army/ Sweet dreams

  6. moving on-Glen Hansard cover

  7. times of trouble - Temple of the dog cover

  8. Boston- Mick Flannery Cover

  9. Cats are dumb

  10. Rian Magee and Patrice O Hagan- Jigs and Reels.

  11. take my body (eucharist bitch)

  12. mr brightside - slow cover

  13. the battle- caitlin carey cover

  14. delicate- damien rice


  16. last request- paulo nutini cover

  17. the way you make me feel- michael jackson

  18. you're the reason i come home- ron pope

  19. silent night. lisa hannigan version

  20. Jack the ripper - Stonecrow acoustic blues cover

  21. Burn it down - Captain kennedy cover

  22. Oh my sweet Carolina- ryan adams cover.

  23. Within The Rose- Matthew and Atlas

  24. rachael yamagata ray lamontagne- duet cover by kevin faulkner

  25. These days- jackson brown cover

  26. Wild And Free- new damien rice song cover

  27. Angel-Sarah McLachlan - cover by kevin faulkner

  28. Ema O Kane sings songbird