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Uploaded on Dec 27, 2009

Ok, here is the Video for Tamales as promised !
Happy Holidays !

You will need the following items;
Corn Husks
Wax Paper
Enchilada Sauce
Garlic Pepper
Chilli Powder
Black pepper.
Hand Towel
Crock Pot

Corn Husk
Usually come in a 5 pound bag.
Soak the corn husk in water until they are nice and soft.
Drain water when you are ready to start making the tamales.

8 pounds of Mesa
Meat of your choice cooked and marinated.

Now the Mesa you can buy pre-made, you must add the above ingreidents to it to give it flavor otherwise your tamales will come out bland. Add ingreidients to taste.
I mix the spices and enchilada sauce 1 pound at a time and then I go from there.
Since I don't measure and cook by taste, if I had to measure, I would say that I add 1-2 teaspoons of each spice. Now on the enchilada sauce I would say 1/2 cup to each pound.

Now depending on how big you make your Tamales you will get 5 - 8 dozen of tamales.
I was able to get 6 dozen ! :)

Now the meat, you can marinate and place in the freezer until you are ready to make the tamales. What I did was use all the dark meat from my turkey from thanksgiving,
I would say if I had to weigh it, maybe 5 pounds of meat.
Meat should be shredded. Once you add the sauce, salsa etc, you will have more than enough meat to go the distance.

Marinate meat in enchilada sauce, salsa, hot sauce etc, depending on your taste if you want them on the mild side, you can use the Green enchilada sauce which is milder then the red, omitting the hot sauce of course. :)

Then follow directions as pictured in each clip in the video.
For each Tamale use a Tablespoon to Tablespoon and a half of mesa and spread on corn husk. Once spread, add your meat, fold corn husk on each side and wrap in wax paper as shown in video.

Once Tamales are made and wrapped in wax paper, place in crock pot to steam for up to 4 hours on low setting, while also keeping an eye out to make sure that your towel stays damp at all times to keep steam flowing over the tamales. Hand Towel should be damp when placed in crock pot.

How to tell when tamales are cooked;
They will be firm to touch and they will be smelling up
your home with the aroma ! Yum Yum !
That's a sure way to tell for sure. :)

Wax Paper is used to seal in flavor and keep the moisture in the tamales and to help them cook faster.

You can also add cheese, potatoe etc to your tamales.
I made 2 dozen of meat, 2 dozen of meat and cheese,
2 dozen of meat, cheese and potatoe.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me :)

Happy Holidays !! Enjoy !


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