We Belong Together Chapter 2 A SWAC love story





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Uploaded on Jul 2, 2009

Chapter 2

It has been an hour since Marshal and Harry went to Mr. Condors office and the Cast of So Random...okay mainly just Nico and Grady were freaking out in the prop room. Sonny was trying to calm them down, Tawni was looking at herself in the mirror and Zora was somewhere in the vents...at least that's where they think she was but with Zora you may never know. "What if we've been canceled!" Grady exclimed "Yeah" Nico agreed " What if One of us is getting fired!" Grady yelled. Sonny sighed "You guys come on It's probably not even bad." Sonny reassured them " But think about it Sonny, think about it!" Nico yelled grabing Sonny and shaking her a little " Okay I thought about it..and i think you guys are being a little bit over dramatic." Sonny told them.
They shook there heads still nit believing her. After a minute of them being silent Grady gasped. " What if Mr. Condor....I can't say it..." he said in a scared tone " What!? what if Mr. Condor What!" Nico yelled. Grady looked at him with wide eyes and answered " What if Mr. Condor makes Us So Random and the Mackenzie Falls..work together!" Grady exclaimed in Horror. Nico gasped. " Oh the Horror, The Horror!" he yelled " Will you guys calm down everything will be fine." Sonny said still trying to assure then she looked towards Tawni " Tawni will you tell them everything wilI be fine." " Sorry I can't I'm busy." Tawni answered. " Doing what? Looking at yourself in the mirror?" Sonny said. Tawni turned her chair towards her and smiled. "Exactly" she flipped her hair and turned her chair to face the mirror. Sonny rolled her eyes and sighed. 'Now What' she thought. Just then Marshal walked in. " Everyone I have great news!" he exclaimed. Nico and Grady sighed in relief. " Oh good." Grady said. " Everyone was freaking out that it was bad." Nico said. " Yeah it was chaos! everyone was yelling and screaming." Grady agreed. Sonny and Tawni raised there eyebrows. " Well we were yelling and screaming" he pointed at Grady"...but uh.." Nico trailed off a little embarrassed. " Well that uh certainly sounds like you two..alright everyone sit down so I can tell you the news."
Marshal told them. They all sat down on the couch and waited patiently for the news once they were seated Marshal began to speak again. " Alright so-wait wheres Zora?" he asked looking around. Little did he know Zora crept behind him when he first came in. She popped out from behind him and yelled. "I'M RIGHT HERE!" " Ahhhhhh!" Marshal screamed. Zora giggled and sat down on the arm of the couch. Marshal put a hand over his heart." Zora don't don't do that!" " Oops my bad!" Zora smiled. Marshal sighed and continued. "Everyone..." he paused for dramatic effect." We're going to Paris!"
A smile spread on everyone's face. Tawni was thinking about shopping. Obviously. Sonny was thinking about all the sites like the Eiffel Tower, and how it's known as the City of Light...and Love then mysteriously the image of Chad Dylan Cooper popped in her head. She shook the image out of her head when she realized what she was thinking about...him. The boys were thinking about girls again obvious and Zora...was thinking about pranks and hiding places..weird but that's just Zora.

The same thing was happening in the Mackenzie Falls studio. Their director Harry just told them their news..they are going to Paris too but the So Randoms don't know that and the Mackenzie Falls don't know that the So Random's are going to Paris. They were all excited too and were all thinking about the different things they were going to do there like go site seeing for girls shop and for guys looking for girls, but Chad wasn't thinking about that and for once wasn't thinking about himself either he was thinking about Sonny Monroe....

So What do You think??????? Plz let me know by commenting and rating
Thanks! So Are the directors going to tell them that they have to travel with there worst enemy/frenemy?? What about Sonny is Chad thinking about??? And most importantly what's with these weird questions? find out in We Belong Together Chapter 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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