Mega Man 1 Special Weapons Only Challenge - Wily Fortress 3





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Published on Oct 8, 2009

Here's where my practice starts to slip. Since there are no Mega Man games that save your progress through the Wily Fortresses (except for Powered Up), my own laziness and disinterest in the Fortress bosses stops me from actually getting in a lot of practice on them. The further in it goes, the less I get, to the point that I'm only really familiar with the first (and second, if we're lucky). Now, I do have Powered Up, but it is absolutely no help to me here for refamiliarizing me with the bosses here. Both CWU-01P and Wily function completely differently, even in Old Style Mode

The stage here is pretty easy, especially the second portion. It's just a matter of running forward and timing your jumps, and even then, the enemies give you plenty of warning. It's the boss that's the real kicker.

I have good reason to believe its weakness is Super Arm. Unfortunately, it would take seven hits from that to destroy it outright. You only get four shots. Ever. Unless you continue. Not only that, if you open with block throwing madness, the boss becomes completely unavoidable (unless you count Magnet Beam). It's just too tall to jump over unassisted. Now, add in the fact that the second best Robot Master weapon to use (Thunder Beam) also destroys Super Arm blocks. And it really wasn't helping matters that I was out of Fire Storm ammo.

This led me to my "three easy steps to defeat CWU-01P":

Step 1: Throw all the blocks at the boss to reduce it to half health.
Step 2: Spam Thunder Beam.
Step 3: Pray.

You know... I just now noticed I've ended every Wily Fortress battle so far with Thunder Beam.

Lives Lost So Far: 7
Continues Used So Far: 0
Robot Masters Defeated: all


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