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Publicado em 28 de jul de 2006

TO THE PEOPLE WHO KEEP SAYING THAT THE SUBTITLES ARE WRONG: DON'T YOU GET IT, of course they are wrong! I tried to translate his errors as good as I could to show people who don't speak German why the whole thing was so awesome. For the most part, his words were German, but grammar and word order were Italian and I tried to transfer that more or less 1:1 into English. And no, I am not trying to make fun of Trapattoni. This press conference was brilliant, it took a lot of courage to do what he did with the little German he knew. And it had the effect he was going for.

And by the way, criticism is always welcome and I am not saying that I am not making any mistakes. But please, some comments, really now, you want to talk about my errors but you can't get even one English sentence right yourself? Anyway, why bother... this is fun and I had fun making it and I hope some people have fun watching it.

The famous press conference, March 10th 1998. Subtitled for all who always wondered what he was saying. Or trying to say. I tried to keep the translation as close as I could to what he said in German. It's hard to translate all the errors adequately though.

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