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Published on Nov 29, 2012

Pwad: Teleport.wad
Author: Unknown
Date: 4th July 1994
Map: e1m3
Category: UV Maxdemo
Executable: Doom.exe
Time: 3:29

A fairly unremarkable 1994 level. As you might guess from the name, teleporters feature frequently, particularly in the latter half of the level. The frequent slime trails and disappearing/reappearing walls are also nothing special, although by July 1994 the level building tools were good enough that this shouldn't have been a problem. Monster opposition is fairly sparse, but on the other hand so is the health, so if you're reckless at the beginning you'll probably find yourself in trouble later on. Ammo can also be a problem, unless you take the unusually hidden secret at the start which hands you the chaingun. This secret also teases you with the possibility of a BFG, but it's a deliberate cheat. I suppose if you're dedicated enough you could record run after run until you got one where the teleport linedef failed, but what are you even going to use it on? There's nothing tougher here than a caco.

Biggest issue on doing a speedrun here was the two slowly rising/falling platforms. They take 20-30 seconds to travel from top to bottom, there's really only one sequence you can take them in, and the default rise/fall pattern is going to leave you waiting a long time, unless you can find a way to reverse it somehow. So in this run there's three critical points: 0:56, where I put myself right on the edge of the platform so I'll hit the ceiling and make it lower: 1:34, where I'm just in time to cross the same platform before the far passage rises out of reach, and 1:50, where I do the hit the ceiling trick again so the platform's lowering while I take the red key. As long as all these work for you there's not too much else to do to reduce the time, and if they don't work you're doomed anyway. Rest of the level was reasonably zippy anyway, and even though a malfunctioning exit trigger robbed me of a second at the end I'm not too concerned.

Good luck finding a copy of this wad though. It's not on /idgames. Or anywhere else linkable on the net as far as I can find. It was one of the entrants in the PC Zone wad design competition, which would explain why I've got it on a PC Zone coverdisc, and why the anonymous creator didn't send it to Compuserve or an /idgames archive. Most of the entrants in this competition ended up on the liquiddoom mirror (eg FINALR&S, SPANGOOD), but for whatever reason this one didn't, possibly because they already had a level called TELEPORT. So I'm guessing very few people have played this one. So see below for a download link if you're really keen.

Download the wad here: http://www.mediafire.com/?64x2wiikms0...


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