1. Adam Lambert - Sexy- Glamorize In The Dark

  2. Adam Lambert - Beautiful Drop Dead

  3. Hilary Duff - Holiday Fanmade music video

  4. Monte Pittman Show in Richland WA 4/28/11

  5. Jessa Ritter's Starstruck Backwards

  6. Jessa Ritter's NOH8 Day Of Silence from her old blog

  7. dance rehearsal

  8. dancing and chilling at party

  9. Feet Dancing to "Fame" by David Bowie

  10. Feetind dancing to "Under Pressure"

  11. Feet dancing to "Du Hast"

  12. Ghost Curiosity.

  13. Getting my first 2 tattoos

  14. Allison Iraheta Beat Me Up live in Seattle

  15. Allison Iraheta Live intro and Holiday in Seattle

  16. Walking back to the Tour Buses

  17. Adam Lamberts Soundcheck in Seattle

  18. Adam Lambert's Glam Nation Tour buses

  19. TommyJoeRatliff Bowling.

  20. Piano Playing.wmv

  21. Adam Lambert is Feeling Good

  22. Easter 2010

  23. My cat Stormy going to the bathroom

  24. My Midget Kitten-Zoey

  25. Morning after Glambert Party

  26. Glambert Party lol

  27. I Like It.

  28. Kevin and Danielle Jonas's wedding Behind the scenes

  29. Kevin and Danielle Jonas's Wedding preview

  30. Joe Jonas crying

  31. with Joe at the set of Camp Rock

  32. Callbacks-Space Ship

  33. Joyce DeWitt