Nasty wreck during 14-kart race | Galletta's Gas Flathead Karting Club & Backyard Speedway!




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Published on Jul 4, 2007



A rough 14-kart race where only the top-4 karts finished! Everybody else got wrecked out. This is a wreck in turn 1 - at approximately 45-MPH with no seat belts - including Kyle Reuter, Oscar Berry, Chris Stevens and Gary Miller. Here is the final order of finish.

Position | Name (Karts raced)
1st | Melissa Gabel (Galletta's #3)
2nd | Chris Stevens (Galletta's #8, 5)
3rd | Matt Stevens (Galletta's #33)
4th | Wes "Ogre" Stevens (Galletta's #4, #1)
5th | Kyle Reuter (Galletta's #0)
6th | Missy Berry (Oz #11m)
7th | Josh Schute (Galletta's #7)
8th | Dick Dann (Dann #86)
9th | Gary Miller Sr. (Miller #24)
10th | Nick Dann (Dann #68)
11th | Oscar Berry (Team Oz #11)
12th | ® Joe Miller (Galletta's #1)
13th | Kelly Miller (Reuter #9)
14th | ® Ed Boyzuck (Galletta's #6, #1)
® = Rookie
DNF = Did Not Finish (Wrecked out)

The Galletta's #3 found its way into victory lane again for the Independence Day 35. However, though the kart has been there countless times before, the driver is someone new! In a surprise upset victory, Matt's girlfriend Melissa Gabel accomplished the impossible and won, making her the first female driver to win a race at Galletta's! Several tremendous battles occurred before (sic) and during the race including daring 3-wide kart battles between Matt Stevens, Chris Stevens, Kyle Reuter, and Wesley Stevens! Yet... Melissa beat them all! How? Read on!:

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(C) Christopher Galletta-Stevens & Galletta's Karting Club.


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