6Aug09 Vertical Jump 28 inches, Clean Deadlift 305lbs x 3, GoodMorning 295lbs





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Published on Aug 6, 2009

Sweet, felt pretty explosive today. I could tell from how I was shooting up on the 18 inch bench jumps, that my jump had gone up.
I tested it, and yeap it has gone up, hit 28 inches. Finally able to hit my head on the 8 feet ceiling again! A sweet feeling indeed.

2 months ago I jumped around 25 inches, couldn't touch my head on it. Started driving up my Good mornings, rack pulls and calf raises. A month later with zero jumping, I could just barely touch it with my head, at 5'9.5" in shoes, so a 26.5 inch vertical jump. Another month later, started squatting again and after 3 sessions of jumping, bumped it up another 1.5 inches.

One of my goals is to touch my head on the upper 9 feet ceiling. I need a 39 inch displacement to do that. So 11 more inches. Leaning down to 175lbs should get me half of that, and the rest should be gained from making my legs and hips bigger/stronger. And considering I've only practised jumping 3 times so far, there could be another 2-3 inches in me, just by getting more efficient. I should be jumping around 30 inches based on my squat levels so far


Thursday 6th August 2009 - Block 17 - Week 4 - Day 2 - Workout B

Long ass workout, well over 2 hours! I just did too much. Gonna drop the squats the next time I do this session, and do more clean deadlifts and focus on the Good Mornings like before, need to get them up to 315lbs for reps eventually. Too much jumping as well, tired out my CNS for the main lifts

Body weight at gym - 204lbs
Workout time - 2.5+ hours
Workout rating - 3/5


General dynamic warm up crap


A few sets of hops in place - varying patterns
prime times - short run x 3 - 30secs rest

3x10 seconds rope skipping - 2 legged set1, single leg patterns halfway through on set 2+3 - 20secs rest

45lb oly bar complex - slow clean pull, GM onto toes, high hang powerclean, military press - 5 reps each


Jumps - inbetween sets of the powercleans and clean deadlifts

did a few medium effort jumps, landing on a rubber mat to warmup.

1) Then did jumps onto an 18 inch bench, landing with straight legs.
3 sets of 3 -
1 of each standing, 1 step, drop step into right-left plant

2) 5 Max effort pogo jumps + 3 more sets of the above, plus 2-3 more jumps tacked onto the end
slow approach jumps landing on 2 rubber mats, standing and 1 step jumps


Power Cleans and Clean deadlifts - Nike Free 5.0 trainer - no Belt

DOHG = double over hand grip
HG = hooked gripped

1) Power Cleans - 1 DOHG + 2 HG
89lbs, 139, 155, 175

2) Clean Deadlifts - rest paused 10-15 secs each rep
warmups - 205x3, 255x3
Lowered to a soft touch - 305x3

Since I started squatting again the powercleans feel a lot easier and more powerful. Upper body is pretty weak supporting it though.
Same for clean deadlifts, leg drive makes the pull way easier


Low Bar full squats - Shoulder width stance - Oly shoes - no Belt

warmups - bar x8,
2x GoodMorning + 3x Squat 95lbs, 135lbs, 185lbs,
2x GoodMorning + 2x Squat 225lbs, 255lbs,
GoodMorning 285lbs, 295lbs

"+" = 30-40secs rest
1) 295lbs x 7 (medium strain on last rep) + 3 + 3 + 2 + 2

Squats were hard and felt unstable. All the jumping tired me out I guess.
Up the load 20lbs and dropped 4 reps from the initial set.
I figure once I can do 295x11+3+3+2+2 I should be back to my 375x5 strength levels I had before

Did a 295lb GM to get a feel for it, not too bad. Man I could only dream of Good Morning 295lbs 3 months ago, and here I am doing for real :)


Bench dip scapular shrugs BW x10

Back supported leg raise - Knees bent BWx8, legs straight BWx8

Dip shrugs "+" = 10 secs rest - BW+25lbs x 23 + 3 + 2
Used my dip belt, upped the load 15lbs and dropped 3 reps. Plus the belt and chain weighs quite a bit too

Standing calf raise machine - slight pause top and bottom - in Nike Free 5.0 Trainer
BWx8, 4 plates x 8, 8P x1

"+" = 10 secs rest
11 plates x 10 (hard strain and on last rep) + 3 + 3 + 2 + 2

Seems like I stalled, but maybe my calves are just too tired from all the jumping, especially the pogo jumps


Leg lowering ab move
Warm Up - BW x 3

Elbow on knee external rotations - used plates - Warm Up 3kg x 10
"+" = 10 secs rest
6kg x 15 + 3 + 2
1 rep on initial set

Good morning stretched ISO hold - wooden staff x 1 min

Stretches for whole body

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