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Published on Sep 8, 2011

Recently finished watching Ouran for the second time, and I found a whole new level of love for Kyouya :') And I ship him and Haruhi second to TamakiXHaruhi :P And TamakiXKyouya is third xD But this pairing, it really hits a note in my heart :') I don't know why, but I prefer it to HaruhiXTamaki in a sense, because I feel like it has more depth. And I always felt like Kyouya had a secret desire for Haruhi ;)

This video is for my splendiful (is that a word? :P) friend, Fran :') She's been supporting my videos for as lonfg as I can remember, and watched Ouran with me till the end :D She also shares my love for Kyouya and Mori ;)

So this is for you, Frna! :D I know you were looking forward to it, so I hope you like it :)

Anyways, I didn't put many effects into this because I was trying to manupulate the scenes more to put a sort of storyline together :)

Kyouya and Haruhi have always secretly liked each other, and eventually they get together. However, from the start, it spells trouble. Their personalities clash a lot: Haruhi always winds him up and Kyouya can't control his temper. It lead to a physically and emotional abusive relationship, mostly for the fault of Kyouya.
Everytime they fight, something alwaysbrings them back together. Despite how he acts, Kyouya does love Haruhi very much, and after their fights he always regrets the things he has said and done. Finally, Haruhi snaps, tired of him after he insulted her friend, because he was jealous. She slaps him, and he storms out.
Eventually, after reminiscing on all the good times they had, Kyouya decides that, for the good of Haruhi, he must let her go, and does so, ending their relationship so they can both move on.

Sad song, sad story, I'm in a mood for something angsty ;) Besides, I prefer editing sad moods xD

Anyway, I hope you enjoy, and if you haven't yet watched "The Ouran High School Host Club", do so now! :D

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