Double Standards at Auburn: University Censors Ron Paul Poster





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Published on Sep 20, 2012

In November 2011, Auburn University student Eric Philips was required to remove a banner supporting Ron Paul's presidential campaign from the inside of his dormitory window. Philips documented numerous examples of other students not being asked to do the same. In this video, Eric Philips fills you in on the details of Auburn's efforts to censor his viewpoint and how you can fight back against censorship on your own campus.


Produced by Ted Balaker. Interview by Greg Lukianoff. Music by Myles Cochran (Magnatune Records).


  1. 1

    Student Prevented from Distributing Flyers without Free Speech Badge

  2. 2

    [Private video]

  3. 3

    FIRE's 15th Anniversary Speech by Steven Pinker

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    FIRE's 15th Anniversary Speech by Floyd Abrams

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    FIRE's 15th Anniversary Speech by Harvey A. Silverglate

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    Campus Shut Down an Anti-NSA Petition, but This Student Fought Back

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    Celebrating 15 Years of Protecting Free Speech on Campus

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    Nat Hentoff on Free Speech, Jazz, and FIRE

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    Chilled in Alaska: Student Newspaper Investigated for Nearly a Year for Protected Speech

  10. 10

    Students Pass Out Constitutions on Constitution Day, Campus Does Not Implode

  11. 11

    Presumed Guilty: Due Process Lessons of the Duke Lacrosse Case

  12. 12

    College Suspends Student for This Conversation

  13. 13

    Dartmouth Student Runs over Free Speech with His Car

  14. 14

    Muzzled Watchdog: U of Memphis Slashes Student Newspaper's Funding Because of Reporting

  15. 15

    The Harvard Bait & Switch: Harvey Silverglate on the University's Free Speech Fakery

  16. 16

    Dixie State's Bizarre War on the Greek Alphabet

  17. 17

    Juan Williams on Firing from NPR, 'Muzzled,' and Threats Posed to Free Speech

  18. 18

    Does Tenure Really Encourage Free Speech? Megan McArdle Tackles Issues in Higher Ed

  19. 19

    JMU Student Works to Eliminate Restrictive Speech Code

  20. 20

    Students Banned from Passing Out Constitutions on Constitution Day at Modesto Junior College

  21. 21


  22. 22

    Don't Cage My Speech! A Student Schools His College

  23. 23

    From Berkeley to the 'Blueprint': Prof. Dave's Fight for Free Speech on Campus

  24. 24

    Juan Williams' Keynote at 2013 CFN Conference

  25. 25

    Megan McArdle's Keynote at 2013 CFN Conference

  26. 26

    Who's Too Weak to Live With Freedom? Prof. Alan Charles Kors on His Fight for Free Expression

  27. 27

    No Excuse at Syracuse for Gagging Student Satire

  28. 28

    The Atlantic's Wendy Kaminer on Free Speech, Hate Speech, and Anti-Bullying Laws

  29. 29

    Syracuse University Expels Student Over Facebook Comments

  30. 30

    Student Says F*** Outside of Class, College Nearly Ruins His Career

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    The FIRE Internship Program: Defending Rights and Learning about the First Amendment

  32. 32

    A Brief History of Campus Censorship: An interview with Prof. Don Downs

  33. 33

    "The Incubator of the Nanny State:" Nick Gillespie on the Sorry Condition of Universities

  34. 34

    A 2012 Message from FIRE President Greg Lukianoff

  35. 35

    Bob Corn-Revere on Defending Student Speech and the Hayden Barnes Case

  36. 36

    In Defense of Being Offensive: Jonathan Rauch on the New Threats to Free Thought

  37. 37

    Unlearning Liberty: Campus Censorship and the End of American Debate

  38. 38

    New Threats to Freedom

  39. 39

    Reflecting on 10 Years of FIRE

  40. 40

    Empty Holsters

  41. 41

    Portraits of Terror

  42. 42

    Injustice at SUNY Binghamton

  43. 43

    Think What We Think...Or Else: Thought Control on the American Campus

  44. 44

    FIRE in Action: Valdosta State University

  45. 45

    Threats, Coercion, and Bullying at Missouri State

  46. 46

    Radical Speech: Dave Barry Talks About Politically Correct Campuses

  47. 47

    Political Correctness vs. Freedom of Thought - The Keith John Sampson Story

  48. 48

    Exiled from Vanderbilt: How Colleges are Driving Religious Groups off Campus

  49. 49

    What Every Student Should Know Before Starting College

  50. 50

    Steven Pinker on Taboos, Political Correctness, and Dissent

  51. 51

    College Professor Censors Anti-Obama Comment on Free Speech Wall

  52. Double Standards at Auburn: University Censors Ron Paul Poster

  53. 53

    Silencing U: Five Outrageous Cases of Campus Censorship

  54. 54

    KC Johnson on Dispositions Theory

  55. 55

    Don't Mess with Firefly! How SciFi Fans Made a Campus Safe for Free Speech (feat. Neil Gaiman)

  56. 56

    Intro to FIRE's Guide to Free Speech on Campus

  57. 57

    12 Terrible Colleges for Free Speech - 2012

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