1. Tim Tebow Cut By Jets

  2. Samsung Rolls Out 7-Inch Tablet

  3. Are Loch Ness Monster Witnesses All Just Drunk?

  4. Eerie Human-Like Primate Calls Entrance Researchers

  5. No, Sweetie, Those Are Mommy's Pot Edibles

  6. Crazy Extinct Frog Reborn by Scientists

  7. Mummy Trouble: Did Ancient People Have Our Heart Problems?

  8. Father Rigs Donkey Kong so the Princess Saves Mario

  9. Is the Pirate Bay Really Headed to North Korea?

  10. Is the King of Beers Watered Down?

  11. USDA To Rain Death From Above on Tree Snakes of Guam

  12. Why the "God Particle" May Be the End of Us All

  13. Lady Gaga Cancels Tour Dates in Most Histrionic Fashion Possible

  14. Neil deGrasse Tyson Awesomely Estimates Weight of Thor's Hammer

  15. Disney To Make Character-Based Star Wars Films Alongside New Trilogy

  16. Newtown Kids Will Perform "America the Beautiful" at Super Bowl

  17. #Porn: Twitter Users Quickly Find a Use for Vine

  18. Study: Condoms Don't Reduce Pleasure in Men or Women

  19. Prince Harry Says He Killed Taliban Insurgents

  20. Former Miss Alabama Katherine Webb, Ogled by Brent Musburger, Lands TV Job

  21. Inside Scientology: New Lawrence Wright Book Takes Aim at Church

  22. Russia Back in Space Race With Plans To Probe Moon

  23. Yes, Coca-Cola Just Rolled Out Anti-Obesity Ads

  24. Did MIT Help Prosecute Aaron Swartz?

  25. Iran Will Make Its Own Version of "Argo"

  26. Tupac-Inspired Alligator Discovered Guarding Weed Stash

  27. What Game Piece Should Monopoly Drop? Poor Wheelbarrow.

  28. Gay Marriages To Be Held at the National Cathedral

  29. Spiritual Guru Blames New Delhi Rape Victim; Attackers Appear in Court

  30. Pot Vending Machines Coming Soon to Colorado and Washington

  31. Former Rep. Gabby Giffords Visits Newtown Home

  32. States Act Against Employers Demanding Facebook Passwords

  33. Kansas Goes After Lesbians' Sperm Donor for Child Care

  34. The Oddly Enthralling App That Makes iPhones Dance

  35. Kate Winslet Gifted a Ticket to Space

  36. Scientists Seek Hints From Adam Lanza's DNA

  37. Queen Elizabeth's Christmas, Brought to You in 3-D

  38. NRA Blames Media for Newtown in First Press Briefing

  39. Pope Denounces Gay Marriage for Christmas

  40. China Arrests Nearly 1,000 Doomsday Cult Members

  41. Casual-Sex Seekers Soar as "Apocalypse" Nears

  42. Did the In Cold Blood Killers Murder a Second Family?

  43. Hacker Gets 10 Years in Scarlett Johansson Nude-Photo Case

  44. Mayans Don't Even Care About the Mayan Apocalypse

  45. Bloomberg Calls for Ban on Assault Weapons

  46. Who Sent This Detailed Replica of Indiana Jones' Journal?

  47. Jon Stewart's Worst-Ever Guest on The Daily Show

  48. Track Palin Files for Divorce After 18 Months

  49. Obama, Hunger Games, and Whitney Houston Nab 2012 Social-Media Honors

  50. Dutch Creationist Rolls Out Life-Size Noah's Ark Replica

  51. Australian DJs Talk Suicide Controversy After Show Canceled

  52. Mexican-American Singer Jenni Rivera Dead in Plane Crash

  53. Graphic Notorious B.I.G. Autopsy Report Leaks 15 Years Later

  54. Psy Nets $870K From YouTube Views

  55. Kiwi Rescue Dogs Drive Cars for Glory

  56. Americans Looked Up Socialism and Capitalism Most in 2012

  57. Fleetwood Mac To Release New Songs on That Crazy Internet

  58. Oldest Person Alive Dies at 116 in Georgia

  59. No One Told Russians the Mayan Apocalypse Isn't Real

  60. Pope Benedict XVI Dives Into Twitter

  61. Kate Middleton Pregnant

  62. NASA Assures Us the Mayan Apocalypse Isn't Real

  63. Even Pat Robertson Says the Earth Is More than 6,000 Years Old

  64. CIA Sued for One Very Bad Trip

  65. The George Zimmerman Autograph You've Been Waiting For

  66. China May Ease One-Child Policy in 2013

  67. Bradley Manning's Military Treatment Comes Before a Judge

  68. Milking, the Dairy Industry's Answer to Planking

  69. Chinese State Media Fooled By Onion's "Sexiest Man Alive," Kim Jung-Un

  70. Morgan Freeman Voices Gay Marriage Ad, but Why Now?

  71. Rolling Stones Kick Off 50th Anniversary Tour Without "Satisfaction"

  72. PETA: Don't Bother Pardoning That Turkey, Obama

  73. OB/GYNs Endorse Over-the-Counter Birth Control, but Prospects Remain Unclear

  74. Deadly Sea Snake Is Actually Several Species

  75. Public Nativity Ban Upheld in California Park

  76. Were Animals Killed Making "The Hobbit"?

  77. Paula Broadwell "Devastated" by Affair's Fallout

  78. Public Nudity Ban Up for Vote in San Francisco

  79. Black Friday Revolution? Wal-Mart Workers Plan Strike

  80. No More Twinkies or Ho-Hos: Hostess Goes Under

  81. 5-Hour Energy Cited in 13 Deaths to FDA

  82. Jon Bon Jovi's Daughter Arrested On Heroin Charges After Dorm OD

  83. Petraeus Cameo in "Call of Duty: Black Ops 2"

  84. Report Says United States To Be World's Biggest Oil Producer by 2020

  85. Someone Alleged Paula Broadwell-Petraeus Affair on Wikipedia in January

  86. Mike D'Antoni Picked Over Phil Jackson for Lakers' Head Coach

  87. Man Recants Sex Claims Against Voice of Elmo on "Sesame Street."

  88. Pat Robertson Can't Understand Why Women Would Watch Porn

  89. One Person Not Worried About Long Election Day Lines: Usher

  90. No Lady Gaga-Madonna Super Bowl Show Any Time Soon

  91. Chinese Communist Party Begins Elaborate Transfer of Power

  92. Rihanna and Chris Brown Sing That It's "Nobides Business"

  93. The Britney Spears Novel We've All Been Waiting for

  94. Amputee Scales 103-Story Building With Bionic Leg

  95. No Doubt Pulls New Video After Racism Complaints

  96. Porn Studio Awarded $1.5 Million From Man Who Shared 10 Movies

  97. Blake Shelton Crowned King of CMAs

  98. Who is Camilla Belle, Tim Tebow's New Girlfriend?

  99. Gay Marriage Group Offers Up Brad Pitt as Ballot-Measure Hero

  100. Two (People) Happy With Disney's Star Wars Buy: Jar Jar Binks and Chewbacca

  101. For Just $250, Get Rihanna's New Album With a View Master Featuring ... Rihanna

  102. Paul McCartney on Yoko Ono: "I Don't Think You Can Blame Her for Anything."

  103. Starbucks Tests Wireless Mobile Charging in 17 Stores

  104. WATCH: What Happened the Last Time a "Frankenstorm" Hit New York?

  105. Drunk Neighbor Visits Tom Cruise, Promptly Hit by 50,000-Volt Blast

  106. Twitter Explodes After Video Shows Rising Hop-Hop Star Punching a Woman

  107. Why is the "Frankenstorm" a Big Deal?

  108. Brazilian Woman Auctions Her Virginity for $780,000 for "Documentary"

  109. What Every $6.5 Million Celebrity Wedding Needs: a Video Mocking the Homeless

  110. Psy Visits U.N. and Teaches Ban Ki-moon Gangnam Style

  111. Clint Eastwood's Unlikely Return to Election in a Pro-Romney Ad

  112. Clark Kent Leaves Journalism, Dooms Profession for Good

  113. Almost Nine in 10 Sexted or Emailed Youth Photos Turn Up as Porn

  114. WATCH: Missouri Minister Hoodwinks City Council on Gay Rights

  115. Beyoncé and Jay-Z Lose Dubious Battle To Trademark "Blue Ivy"

  116. Reddit Troll Outed by Gawker Makes Surreal CNN Appearance

  117. 3.4% Identify as LGBT, Including 6.4% Ages 18 to 29

  118. Drake Has a New Reason To Be Proud of Drake: A High School Diploma

  119. Surprise? The Boss Finally Throws Support Behind Obama

  120. French President Wants To Ban Homework for "Equality"

  121. Lance Armstrong Isn't Even Good for Charity Anymore

  122. LAPD: Someone Might Get Shot If Celebrity "Swatting" Pranks Continue

  123. Audacious Dutch Art Heist Swipes Priceless Works by Picasso, Monet, Matisse

  124. Lindsay Lohan To Get the Barbara Walters Treatment

  125. Felix Baumgartner, the LEGO Tribute and More

  126. Sorry, Pervs: No Justin Bieber Sex Tape for You

  127. AMC's Dish Dispute Tries to Co-Opt World Zombie Day

  128. Unveiled Sandusky Letters Bitterly Blame Victims

  129. Woman Raped By Polanski Will Write Book

  130. Eldest Pussy Riot Member Released as Two Others Headed to Prison Colony

  131. Lady Gaga Has Five-Hour Meeting With Julian Assange

  132. Pew: 1 in 5 Americans Have No Religious Affiliation

  133. Auctioned Wizard of Oz Dress Could Be the Year's Most Expensive Halloween Costume

  134. Oprah's Odd First Interview With the Fallen Kony 2012 Mastermind

  135. Hulk Hogan Threatens Lawsuit Over Leaked Sex Tape

  136. David Blaine's "Electrified": Most Dangerous Stunt Yet?

  137. J.K. Rowling's "Adult" Novel Soars in Sales

  138. Korean Viral Sensation Psy Fetes "Gangnam Style" With Half-Naked Live Concert

  139. New Zealand Bars Mike Tyson After Outcry From Women's Groups

  140. Nicki Minaj Goes Off On Mariah Carey in Viral American Idol Video

  141. Bob Barker's Quest To Get Your Pet Spayed or Neutered Pays Off

  142. Adele's New Bond Song "Skyfall" Leaks to Strong Reception

  143. Iranian News Agency Apologizes for Reporting Onion Story as Fact

  144. Was Lindsay Lohan Really Assaulted by a Former GOP Aide?

  145. Bizarre Details in "Sons of Anarachy Star Johnny Lewis' Death

  146. Lil Wayne: Now Bigger Than Elvis

  147. Did Da Vinci Create a Second Mona Lisa?

  148. Insane Clown Posse Sues FBI After Being Labeled a Gang

  149. Madonna: "We Have a Black Muslim in the White House"

  150. Rihanna Wishes Chris Brown Well Ahead of Probation Hearing

  151. NFL Replacement Refs Feel the Wrath of Twitter

  152. Iran Blocks Google Over Anti-Muslim Film

  153. Green Day Frontman Headed to Rehab After Onstage Meltdown

  154. Sarah Silverman Video Smacks Down Voter-ID Laws

  155. Report: Kanye West Sex Tape Featuring Kim Kardashian Lookalike

  156. The Knowles-Carter's Fancy Obama Fundraiser Makes You Wish You Had $40,000 Lying Around

  157. Tape Reveals Paris Hilton Homophobic Comments: Most Gay Men "Probably Have AIDS"

  158. Zombie Apocalypse Training: HALO Corp. To Stage Emergency Response Exercise

  159. Space Shuttle Endeavour on Final Journey

  160. Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly To Debate

  161. Justin Bieber's Mom, Pattie Mallette, Details Sexual Abuse, Decision Not To Have an Abortion at 17

  162. Panda Cub Born at National Zoo

  163. Bob Dylan: Plagiarism Critics Are "Wussies and Pussies"

  164. Kate Middelton Topless Photos Leave Royal Family Furious

  165. Levi Johnston Celebrates Birth of Daughter Named Breeze Beretta

  166. U.S. Ambassador to Libya Killed Due to Cycle of Hate and Violence Prompted by Anti-Muslim Film

  167. Did Chris Brown Get a Rihanna Tattoo?

  168. 9-11 Anniversary Observed With Somber Ceremonies

  169. MTV VMAS: Frank Ocean Wows, Ke$ha Drunk?

  170. Ann Coulter Draws Ire With Nasty Tweets About Sandra Fluke

  171. Art Modell Dead at 87

  172. Griselda Blanco, "the Godmother" of U.S. Cocaine Trafficking, Dies in a Hail of Bullets in Colombia

  173. Tom Cruise Denies Scientology Tried To Pick Nazanin Boniadi as His Girlfriend

  174. Michael Clarke Duncan Dead at 54

  175. Courtney Stodden Playboy Rumors: Teen Bride Gets Porn Offers as She Turns 18

  176. Roddick Hangs Up His Racket

  177. Chris Lighty, Manager to 50 Cent and Mariah Carey, Dead of Suicide at 44

  178. Country Star LeAnn Rimes Enters Anxiety Therapy

  179. John Travolta's Alleged Former Gay Lover Reportedly Ready To Tell All

  180. Man Wearing Bigfoot Suit Killed on Montana Highway While Trying To Scare Drivers

  181. Gabby Douglas Almost Quit Gymnastics Because of Racism and Bullying in Virginia

  182. Snooki Gives Birth, Calls Baby Boy a "Guido," Will Likely Pass on Her Giant Intellect to Son Lorenzo

  183. Isaac Bumping Up Oil Prices Ahead of Landfall

  184. Lance Armstrong Quits Fight To Clear His Name

  185. West Nile Virus Cases Dramatically Increase in Southern States

  186. Avril Lavigne Gets Engaged to Dude From Nickelback

  187. Prince Harry Nude Photos Surface Online

  188. Mariah Carey Has a Diva Moment Over Nicki Minaj Judging American Idol

  189. Diana Nyad Halts Swim From Cuba to Florida After Storm and Jellyfish Stings

  190. Rihanna to Oprah: Chris Brown Is Still the Love of My Life

  191. Top Gun Director Tony Scott, 68, Dead of Apparent Suicide

  192. Hope Solo Memoir: I Was Slapped by Dancing With the Stars Trainer Maks Chmerkovskiy

  193. Pussy Riot Members Found Guilty of Hooliganism, Sentenced to Two Years Each

  194. Ecuador's Asylum Offering to Assange Sparks Diplomatic Battle with U.K., U.S. ,and Sweden

  195. Fans Celebrate Elvis Presley on 35th Anniversary of "The King's" Death

  196. Is Ecuador's President About To Give Julian Assange Asylum?

  197. Miley Cyrus Has Cut Her Hair Like Twiggy or Draco Malfoy, Depending on Your Pop References

  198. Bear Family Throws 100-Beer Rager in Norwegian Cabin

  199. Rodeo Clown Mocks Obama

  200. Elon Musk's "Hyperloop" Plans