Zombie High Ep 3: Coronations and Escapedes Part 2





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Published on Dec 4, 2009

Mika: Ew...It's like a sewer in here.

L: How do they stand this smell?

J: Let's focus people, save our best friend first, discuss the living conditions of Dead Heads later.

O: Hey, Jake's MY best friend.

J: Since when?

O: Since we were nine.

J: I thought I was your best friend.

O: You're my other best friend.

L: Can we discuss this later you two weenies?

see a hanging body


M: You're such a princess.

Mikay: And you're such a Bi... *screams*

Snake demons start attacking them.

M: *tries to fight back, but someone puts a cloth over her mouth, and she slowly falls into unconsciousness*

M: *wakes up on the floor of the dungeon*

L: *lifts her head* Ouch.

J: Big ouch.

O: Major owwwwwww.... *holds a hand to his bleeding head* Damn it, THANKS A LOT mom! you know normal vampires don't bleed!


J: This isn't good.

Mikay: *wakes up in a cage, looks across from her* Jake?! THANK GOD WE FOUND YOU. *notices the others aren't around* Wait, what's going on...?

Ja: *looks at her with red eyes*

Mikay: Jake...?

Ja: *doesn't take his eyes off her throat, just snarls*

Mik: *trying not to scream*

Jake: *pounces*

Mik: *screams* AHHHHHHHH!! HELP!

J: *flinches* Mikayla's in trouble.

Mik: *reaches for her necklace, realizes it's gone*

J: *shakes the bars* LET US OUT!

L: This is bad, she's the only female heir of the kingdom, if not everything will be left to her dolt of a twin brother. *tear rolls down* I can't lose my best friend.

Mik: *starts crying, realizes she's going to die*

M: *slams her fists against the door* LET ME OUT! *disappears*

Mika: MILEY!

Ja: *turns around and growls*

M: Jake?!

Mikay: *runs to Miley and holds on to her, kinda side hugging her* You gotta get me out of here.

M: How?!

Mikay: Well, how did you get here?

M: I don't know, I just yelled for the dungeons to let me out. And I guess I was thinking about you.

Mikay: Well do it again!

M: I can't just do it again!

J: *snarls*

Mikay: There's your motivation, now DO IT!

M: *tries* I CAN'T!

Mikay: *pleading, whispers* Please...

J: *pounces*

Both of them disappear

M: Where are we?

Mikay: Looks like the throne room. We gotta get out of here before the coronation.

M: What was wrong with Jake?

Mikay: They posessed him as some kind of cruel irony.

M: How?

Mikay: He's supposed to protect me and instead he almost killed me.

M: Ouch. We still gotta get him out though.

Mikay: The only time he'll be normal is during the coronation.

M: Which if you show up at will end up with you dead?

Mikay: Yep, pretty much. Any chance we can get the guys out?

M: I don't know. Guess we could try.

They hear a noise and disappear

Z: What do you mean she's here?!

S: Somehow the Sunbeamers got to her before we could and took her down here.

Z: *sighs* How many people know she's here?

S: Not that many, just a few wolves and a snake demon.

Z: Well, I guess let them go, no way my sister would leave everyone behind.

M: Okay, everyone's holding on?



J.P.: Introducing, Prince Troy. *about to crown him*

M: ZAC?!

Z: *looks at her shocked* Miley?!

Clock strikes midnight

Miley glows and all the people kneel to her

Miley: Oh my God...



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