Two Worlds Collide {A Jb Fanfic} Chapter 12





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Published on Jan 8, 2010

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Nicks POV

I was thinking about following Joe and Sophs but before I could make up my mind they were already gone and I didnt know where they went. Damn.

'Theyre so not going to the dentist' Christina thought aloud

'Yeah, where do you think theyre going?' I asked

'No idea, we shouldve followed them'

'I was just thinking that' I said and she laughed a little. Everything seems to quiet without them here.. 'So, you coming to the concert tonight?'

'Yeah sure, I love listening to Joes- Er Band. And you and Kevins obviously cos its all your band and um yeah..' She said rambling on. Uh huh..

'Well Im gonna go find Kevin now and talk sort out what were singing tonight so I'll catch you later'

'Yeah okay, see you tonight' She said and walked out of the room. I went upstairs to find Kevin still sleeping.

'Wake up Kev, we gotta sort out tonight, we havent discussed it at all' I said whipping the bed covers off him.

'Noo I dont want to, you and Joe can do it. Ill sleep instead' He said curling up into a ball to keep himself warm seeing as he had no covers anymore.

'Come one Kevin or I'll throw cold water all over you. Remember last time..'

'Im up!!' He shouted shooting up and scrambling out of bed

'Well done.. Now get dressed' I said to him and half an hour later he was ready

'Alright Im ready to rock' He said enthusiastically

'Thats great Kevin but were making a set list'

[a/n: Is it called a set list? Idk sorry if Im wrong lol]

'Oh, well.. Never mind' He said sitting down at the kitchen table. About an hour later we finally figured out what songs we were gonna play, It was gonna be an awesome show.

'Im so excited for the fans to hear the new song weve been working on' Kevin said with a huge smile on, he gets excited about everything, just like a little kid

'Yeah, we need to tell Joe though, I dont know where he went' I said to him

'Well just tell him tonight, he knows the song and everything'

Joes POV - Sophias body

I just found out that I look super sexy when I run my fingers through my hair, Im so doing that more often. Especially in front of Christina, shell love it cos Im just drop dead gorgeous. I might tell Sophs to do that in front of her whilst shes in my body.

'Come on lets go practice' My body said to me and we both went into my current Jonas-fied room. I better not have nightmares about it.. We rehearsed all the songs we usually sing on stage and I sounded like an angel. Well Sophs did, maybe even better than I sing. Great, now she controls my body better than me, I might as well just give it to her.

'See Sophs, youre amazing! You should sing more often, you never know who might hear you..' I said to her

'Thats what Im afraid of!' She said laughing

'So you wouldnt want to be famous?' I asked confused

'No I would love to be, not that Im good enough or anything but I just get embarrassed.. When Im in my own body. Being in yours is actually alright'

Well, I know you have a good voice so you shouldnt be embarrassed but if thats what you want.. And to be honest most people know who you are anyway cos like youre dating Nick and youre best friends with us and all'

'Yeah I guess, though your fans kinda hate me cos Nick isnt single now' She said laughing

'No they love you!' I said smiling

'Hmm sure, how long till we have to leave?' She asked me

'Well we gotta do sound check in about 3 hours, but were only gonna do a few songs so therell be time before the actual show to relax and everything'


Sophias POV - Joes body

'Do me a favour?' My body asked me

'Yeah sure, what is it?' I replied

'Go find Christina and run my fingers through my hair again' It asked innocently

'Fine' I said laughing, its the least I could do after he just helped me practice singing for like ages 'Oh Joe?'


'Thanks for going through the songs and all that, it really helped'

'No problems Sophs, anytime'

'Did you wanna go to the well tomorrow? See if we can get back into our own bodies?' I asked, Id completely forgotten about it. Being in Joes body isnt that bad but I wouldnt be able to last long in here. Its only been what. 2 days? It feels like a year

'Oh yeah, definitely. Well talk tonight, Im gonna.. Do.. Something' He said pointing to the direction of the Jonas house through the wall and then scratching his head after. He obviously doesnt wanna see Nick and I completely understand that I mean it must be pretty awkward..

'Okay, feel free to do anything here, Im really not bothered.. Wait anything within reason' I said laughing and he joined. He sighed

'Im gonna go see Nick, try and get used to it and patch things up.. I-Is that okay?' He asked

'Really? Aww thats so sweet Joe, I really dont mind'

'Okay well Ill um go over now' He said nervously

'Thank you' I said and hugged him. Now I gotta go flirt with Christina, um yay?


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