A Joe jonas Love story chapter 13





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Published on Oct 20, 2008

Um.Yea so I think Im gonna post the chapters on my page for now..I think.But I will not be able to post sometimes..If you dont know what happened in my story GO BACK and read because its kind of confusing if you dont read them from the beginning so yea..BTW The Info and CHapters 1-11 arnt on my page they are JBandLHfans channel and it first starts out a JoBromance but I changed it to a Joe Jonas love story...IM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry if its confusing just e-mail me if you have any questions.

So Here it is..

After Nick and Kevin left Joe sat their thinking..
THe next day,they were all packed for the bus.Right when Joe and Kayla got on
the bus they went straight to their bunks.Kayla was so mad at him.Joe was so mad at her.So it was at dinner the bus was parked so the bus driver could eat. Kayla sat across from Joe.They would give each other an evil stare every once in a while,it was quiet just forks hitting the plates.Until Kristen had to break the silence.
Kristen:Okay you two you guys havent talked to each other without yelling in like...forever.
Kayla:Well he started it
Joe:Haha..your funny..No I didnt you started it by lying to everyone.
*They all look at Kayla*
Kayla:Thats it *She leaps over the table and tackles Joe*
*Nick starts to get up to get Kayla off him*
Alexis:WAIT they need this...
Nick:More fighting?
Alexis:No to get their anger out..
Joe:(Stuggling to get kayla off him)get...o...off me..
Kayla:N.not until..you ..a..apologize
Joe:Your the one that lied to everyone
*she slaps him*
Kayla*while still sitting on him,started to tear up*
You told me the day we were sitting on the stage
that night that you would wait for me to tell you,
cause you knew it was something bad,that I havent dealt with yet,Ben just came from the army Joe it was the first time I saw him over 6 months and he was shot he layed their in my arms dying,and told me he loved me and that
if he was going to die,that he wanted me to know he couldnt wait to spend the rest of his life with me.You told me you would,you said I was your guardian angel.Wheres that Joe,I want him back....
*She got up off him and looked at everyone and walked over to the other bus*
*They all look at Joe who was still lying on the floor,once Kayla got on the other
bus,they started driving again,next stop was 4 hours or more,so Kayla was on a separate bus for 4 hours.*
With Kayla
Her phone was going on and On from Kevin,Kristen and Alexis and Joe even tried once but she wondered why Nick hasnt tried

With the Others:
Nick:Guys,just give her some time
Kevin:Shes on that bus all by herself with that musical equipment
Nick:Dude,shes a singing machine on a bus full of equipment..
I think shell be fine..
*He walks to his bunk*

So around 1 a.m Kayla was still up,it bothered her
for some reason that out of all people Nick didnt call her.
So she called him...
Kayla:Yea I have to ask you a question
NicK:Yea sure...hold On.(He looks at everyone in their bunks sleeping and goes out to the kitchen area)
Nick:Whats up?
Kayla:Why didnt you try calling me?
Nick:Because I was giving you space
Kayla:Oh...thanks....ummm I have another question
Nick:yea sure..
Kayla:Im over here writing a song about my diabetes..and I really could use some help from a person with ya know...
Nick:Yea just tell your bus driver to pull over and Ill be right over
*he hangs up and both bus drivers pull over and Nick sneaked over
to the other bus.
*He sits down by the piano next to her*
Nick:what ya got so far?
*Kayla plays some of her song for him..sooner or later they finish the song and they just mess around and then later they fall asleep on the floor against the wall..So the next morning they
saw that nick wasnt on the bus so they went over to the other one..
Kevin,Alexis and Joe walked in and saw..Kaylas head on Nicks shoulder
with his arm around her,..
Kevin:*coughs*waking both of them up
*they quickly wake up and move apart and stand up*
Joe:What are you to doing in here...together?
Kayla:Why do you care?
Kayla:Thats what I thought
*She walks off the bus*
Nick:Alexis I swear nothing happened..we were uhh just writing a song
Alexis:(Laughing)Nick I believe you..shes like 2 years older than you..
Nick:okay good..
*They all walk back to the other bus*
Kevin:Kristen Wheres Kayla?
Kristen:Whaddya mean?

Where is Kayla?What really happened on the bus?And Why was Joe So Mad...Sorry If you guys think its short..But at least like 5-7 comments plz!!!

Preview:??:I cant believe I didnt realize this before...


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