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Published on Aug 29, 2012

Here's the next, but not the last, part of my coverage of Rhythm Heaven Fever: The Perfects.

When you get a Superb rank in a stage, the game will sometimes ask you to play a stage perfectly. When this happens, the phrase, "Go for a Perfect!" will appear in the upper-left corner, and you're then given three chances to do it before it goes away. (Don't worry. It'll come back.) Messing up in the stage means you hear a loud noise, and the stage goes back to normal--meaning you have to retry if you want to try for the Perfect again.

Also, each time you get a Perfect, you receive a gift, and you're told how many more gifts you have left. From there, you can figure out the order I got Perfects on. What, did you think I actually went and did them in order?

Set 1 consists of the first five stages in the game: "Hole in One," "Screwbot Factory," "See-Saw," "Double Date," and "Remix 1." This was the first set I had completed as far as my Perfects went: The last one I cleared was "Screwbot Factory," and you'll see I had 32 gifts left by then. This is because being the beginning of the game, everything is straightforward and the sucker punches that become increasingly common as you go through the game are nearly nonexistent here. There are also no keep-the-beat type stages, which have tons of inputs and thus chances to mess up, and no blocking the screen so that you always have at least a sound cue and a visual cue to work with.

Stage 1
Hole in One
Do you see that fuchsia "P" in the corner? Every time I try for a Perfect rank, it sits there in the corner, staring at me and eagerly anticipating for me to make a mistake so it can vanish with a jarring sound. It also pulsates each time I do an input, as you can see--it's timed to the stage, not with my own button presses, so you'll sometimes see a very slight difference. In any case, you'll see that at 35 gifts remaining, "Hole in One" was my 15th stage I Perfected. I notice that for most people, it's their first. Indeed, this was the first stage a Perfect chance popped up, though I kept on ruining it for a while. I actually got some late-game stages done before this one, as well as this set's own Remix and a certain infamous one involving a girl sitting on a car...

Stage 2
Screwbot Factory
I have to point out something about these Perfects: Some of the things that count as fine when you're going for Superb or during practice will also ruin the Perfect opportunity. After all, they're asking that you do the stage perfectly, not almost perfectly. It's possible to do that in this stage: If you send the crane down barely too early or too late, the robot will swing a little bit, but you can still screw its head on properly. In practice, this counts as doing it right, and it's also considered correct in going for Superb (or OK). Going for a Perfect, however, you're not allowed to do that. You must grab the robot as it's directly underneath the crane, and being even slightly off is unacceptable. That's part of why, as the 17th one I Perfected, this was the last Set 1 stage for me to Perfect.

Stage 3
Just because this was the 6th one I got doesn't mean that it's an easy one. The timing window on this one is stricter than the other two stages, it moves faster, and it's also the only one in this set to have a tempo change. If you forget about how the song moves faster, it will mess you up, guaranteed. (Remember that See-Saw is also the first stage in the game to not have a sequel.) Oh yeah, and one last thing: Both the music and this stage will leave you rockin'!

Stage 4
Double Date
When i first played this, the footballs gave me the most trouble. Shortly afterwards, the basketballs inherited that. When i was trying for this one, the basketballs would mess me up more than anything else, because I see the basketball reaching the ground. Just hearing it would technically work, but the basketball and soccer ball sounds are exactly the same--you just have to time it yourself. But hey, now you get to see the boy at his best. (This one was 4th on my Perfect list.)

Stage 5
Remix 1
You may be thinking that with more to keep track of in a Remix, they'd be harder to get Perfects for than other stages. Well, despite this being the 11th stage I Perfected (in other words, before "Hole in One" and "Screwbot Factory"), you'd be absolutely right. Most of the Remixes I Perfected, I did extremely late. You'll see for yourself as early as "Remix 2." And for nearly all of them, the Remix was the last stage in a set for me to work on. You're basically doing four stages at once (or, in the case of "Remix 10," 30 stages at once), which is a lot. The hardest parts of "Remix 1" are easily the "Double Date" parts--since the tempo is way faster here than in the normal stage, the sports balls come at practically on fast forward.

Like what you see there? Tomorrow, you'll get to see me handle Set 2, which covers "Fork Lifter," "Tambourine," "Board Meeting," "Monkey Watch," and "Remix 2."


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