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Uploaded on Oct 26, 2011

Click this link to see a playlist containing all of the impressions that I've done so far:
This was my college talent show performance. I was super pumped for this performance! I did a few different impressions than last time. I have ADD, so being in your own little world pays off lol. It was an awesome night and I'm glad that the crowd enjoyed it!

Here is exactly what I said:

Hey guys! What's up? (Someone screams I love you) Thank you I love you too. Uh, alright so, I'm Aaron Jacobs, but this guy right here? This is Ray Romano from Everybody Loves Raymond.

Ray: Hey, Alright okay, Everybody listen up here! Because hey, my mother is driving me crazy. Like, the other day she tried to make a Turkey out of Tofu. Turkey's are not supposed to jiggle.

Brad Garrett (Robert): Hey Raymond! How ya doin? It's ya brotha Robert here. Ma says she wants you to come home now.

Ray: What? Robert! What are you doin here? This is my show thingy.

Brad Garrett (Robert): Raymond...I follow you wherever you go. Plus, I live with my parents. Hey Raymond look! Is that George W. Bush over there?

George W. Bush: Well, yeah it is! Hello America. I just got back from Vegas! Somethin about what goes on there stays there or somethin like that! Ya know...alot of people say I'm stupid. I'm not stupid. I mean, I know I'm not the, uh...sharpest bulb in the shed. But whatever. I try. The other day some jerk pulled up next to me in some fancy car, then he started braggin about havin an audi. I was like, so what I've got an Inny. Yeah, that's right, my belly button pokes inwards. Why are you guys laughin? I thought that's how it's supposed to be. Hey...uh. Oh man, is that Kip and Napoleon Dynamite back there? I love that movie...I've seen it like 50 times. I got it on re-run! (Like at his house)

Napoleon: Hey Uncle Rico, Grandma says to go home because you're eating all of our steak and ruining all of our lives. Frickin idiot! Gosh!

Kip: Hey Napoleon...How's it goin? Hey, um, check out this new Ipad 2 I got at the ACU bookstore. It's frickin sweet. Lafawnduh finally sent me a full body shot! Yes! Oh my gosh...Napoleon! Is that Robin Leach from the Fabulous Life?

Robin Leach: Hello! I'm Robin Leach from the Fabulous Life of the Rich and the Famous. Oops...she did it again. Britney Spears uses her private jet for coffee runs. The price of that little vacay? A whopping....50,000 dowlars (dollars)! Now that better be some tasty Java! Oh my gosh! Is that Dr. Phil from the Dr. Phil Show?

(Dr. Phil intro music with mouth)

Dr. Phil: Hey folks! It's Dr. Phil here today! Let's do this! If you don't know who I am...I'm that fake Dr. that Oprah Winfrey created! Thank you Oprah. Seriously, without Oprah, I'd just be some goat Roapin hillbilly out in the middle of the country somewhere. Now I say the same five words over and over again...You Need To Get Real! GET REAL! Hey, check it out! It's Bill Clinton! He needs to come on my show.

Bill Clinton: Hi, I'm Bill Clinton. So, did you guys hear the good news? ...Jennifer Lopez is single! I am scanning the crowd right now and I see a lot of cute girls out here. Well, I must go now. Peace and Love...and an extra peace to that shorty in the back! Call me! Oh man...Is that Peter Griffin? I love that show (smirk on face)

Peter Griffin: Hey Chris! Check it out I'm on stage. And you said I couldn't go to college ahh. What's that Brian? Lois and meg are in trouble? Well I better go save em. It's my duty. hahahahahaha I said doody. Hey look it's Hank Hill from King of the Hill. I watch that show like every Sunday!

Hank Hill: Well hey there. How y'all doin. Hank Hill here uh. Bobby! Peggy! Come on out here and meet my new friends from college! Do you guys like propane as much as I do? I sure do like propane. Propane's the best thing on the whole dang planet. What the devil? Is that Chewbacca from Star Wars?

Chewbacca: glllllllrraaahhhhghhhh!

Hank Hill: What the Heck is he tryin to say?

Chewbacca: ahgfahghahfhhahh!

Hank Hill: Oh, I think he said, "There's the Donkey from Shrek!"

Donkey: Ayo Shrek! Ya know what I could use right now Shrek is a Parfait! Parfaits may be the most delicious things on the whole dang planet! Hey yo Shrek...we can stay up late, swappin manly stories and in the mornin'...I'm makin WAFFLES! :)

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