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Published on May 29, 2008

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Everyone seems to be making a fuss over how to do this without Pokemon Stadium 2. Well, it's possible, but you have to get incredibly lucky. To get a bad clone using only the Gameboy is this: When cloning, shut off the game half a second after the word "power" appears. You literally have to be a millisecond accurate. It could take hours or even days depending on your luck to get a bad clone.

Yes, this is real. Using the Hex Values of attacks, you can change any pokemon with Beat Up as their third move into a Celebi. And yes, the Celebi is real, meaning it's not just a different pokemon that gets the appearance of a Celebi.

The Pokedex does show you have caught a Celebi and the Celebi learns all its level-up moves as you train it.

This trick was originally discovered by Paco__81 on the glitchcity.info boards

I slightly modified it so the Celebi would not automatically start at level 100 when you get it. Instead, it starts at level 1 and using a rare candy, it becomes level 2 which makes it a completely normal Pokemon. The Exp Points are accurate, its stats are those of a normal Celebi, and it learns attacks that a Celebi would normally learn.

As long as you delete the glitched pokemon, you will have no future problems such as garbage letters in the Hall of Fame, random freezings, etc.

This glitch can be used not only for getting Celebi, but any Pokemon or Item including the impossible to get items such as HM09 and the GS Ball.

Oh yeah, and thanks to Bobby for letting me use his Crystal Version.


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