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Published on Dec 17, 2011

Shots with the Scar H VFC. It's an AEG. I used a 7,4 lipo battery in this video.

Note that this is the 1st version, which comes in a hard case with a suppressor and trademarks. The last ones have no hard case, no supressor... And no trademarks (I think it's because Cybergun has the licences now... Which sucks).

I bought it second hand from an other airsoft player, for about 400 €. You can buy it, for example, on Uncompany.

Great looking. It's a really nice one.

The power is about 340 fps... And as I always say, it's not because you have a higher power that you have higher performances. The Tokyo Marui Scar L has much better performances (at least compared to the Scar H VFC I have, maybe all models are not like mine). On the Scar H Vfc, the hop up is really bad, and the barrel seems not good too. The bb's are spread on a large portion... And the range is not great compared to the power. I need to put a new barrel and a new hop up in this thing, then I guess it's going to be okay. I can put a long barrel which could be hidden by the suppressor... I'm thinking about that, maybe.

And, well... When you are used to use Tokyo Marui Ebbr, it's hard to come back on a regular AEG. No blowback, no recoil, no bolt catch, etc... The reactivity of the Scar L Marui is great too. The trigger feeling is not as good on the Scar VFC.

It's a nice gun though. I really like the look of the Scar H.

The Scar H Tokyo Marui will be here soon enough now.

The gear I wear :

- The skull mask comes from RSOV, I bought it from 10 bucks a long time amo.
- My PC is called "AEGIS II Body Armor", from the brand J*Tech.
- Mechanix gloves.
- Ess crossbow glasses.

I'm wearing tatoo sleves, they are not real tatoos.

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Jacob Routh
I smell a swag fag
tm one is better
Martin Eidissen
At this time it was a "deluxe" version of the VFC SCAR H that comes with a box and a silencer.
Da Flamezz
I know this video was a while ago, but I was wondering where you got the suppressor that screwed on over the blackout style flash hider. 
Tong Carlos
i'm going to buy a vfc scar,is this reliable or not?
Hmm, I guess you're right... But as long as you keep both eyes open, it doesn't feel very different to me.
Josh Kong
Doing so increases your peripheral field of view, which will give you an advantage over mounting it closer to your eyes.
To get the most out of a red dot, with the least paralax effect, it's best to place it as far away as possible within sight of the dot. It makes the sight more "accurate" because then when viewed down the sights, it doesn't seem to shift position on the target when you slide your head back and forth like some RDS do.
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