More Nutella (Umbrella - Rihanna Parody)

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Publicado el 21 jun. 2008

Rihanna Ft. JayZ Umbrella Parody
Natztheflip Ft. Johneepixels7 and other Nutella lovers!


Lyrics written By: Natz (ME!)

No crowds in the stores
I crave for the sweet, nothing else could beat
Nutella is the score
When the crowds come we gone, we found the treasure
cuz we always clever
and Nutella's better, you know me,
Its a crazy obsession, no haters be messin'. Hazelnuts all the way
Ay! enough chit chat, I'm getting really hungry
Nutella, where you at?

You're super good
Chocolate spread, I eat you when I could
the first time that i saw you
was on johneepixels video
i fell in love, and i gotta say
I bought some more just yesterday
On the table and you see it there
It's all mine, and I'll never share

I'm over bread and peanutbutter,
i have a new friend, maybe a lover
said i eat you all the time
i use my fingers, cuz i really don't need a knife
now that i'm craving it more than ever
you need to go and tell your mother
I really want some more nutella
I really want some more nutella
(ella ella eh eh)

Last night I had the weirdest dream, I woke up and started to scream
that when i came down to eat,
the jar was freaking empty
then i drove to the store
to find they didn't have no more
so even if my stomach's sore
you know i'll eat it off the floor

(repeat chorus)

all these people on youtube
i see that they like it too
it's so yummy
even on the weirdest things, uh huh
now everyone loves to eat this stuff
its what they used in 2 girls 1 cup


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