Fox fails at discrediting atheism.





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Published on May 31, 2010

A classic example of how the Fox channel fails, from the fox show 'half hour news hour'.

A god that kills or eternally tortures people that intellectually honestly disbelieved, how can Fox use this to show that believeing in a god is a good thing because he will kill/torture you if you don't.

(When I use the word good it means minimising harm, I do not know how else to frame the word good, by this definition the god portrayed in this skit is anything but)

The rating system was disabled as it doesn't matter if you like the video or not. The video was uploaded to show how Fox fails, I dislike the video myself too.

Are they really this naive?

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david solt
im an athiest and haven't died yet
cXn John
@Mecanotech They are mocking atheists. Saying that we would change our tune if people started dying around them because they said they hate god. Firstly, I do not hate "god" because i do not believe any "god" exists, how can i hate something for which there is no proof off. Secondly, I thought america was the land of the free and that all religious and nonreligious people are free to believe what they like without fear of persecution and ridicule, yet here is a "voice of america" openly mocking peoples belief showing an obvious bias towards their own chosen religion. Its actually pretty pathetic, this kind of shit is why Atheists tend to take the piss out of theists, we chose to believe facts based on evidence, you choose to believe "facts" based on no evidence. Theists are also a big bunch of hypocrites, saying that your god is all loving and kind, yet it would smite a person for not believing, OH THATS RIGHT, their "god" already commanded countless people to kill countless others in his name according to your holy book. No surprise you think that it would do it again. And we are the delusional ones......
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Matthew Weigel
Its funny how it is acceptable for christians to be bigots towards atheists.
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Ahh that conservative humor. A real gut buster.
Eric Estes
What kind of macabre, lowest-denominator-pandering bullcrap is this? The God they're advertising in this video just killed two people to scare a third into begging Him for his life... People are ok with this concept?
...and the comment section dies...
Fox News trying to make a comedy sketch is like the Taliban trying to shoot a porno clip. Conservatives should understand they'll never break into comedy, because their ideology is based on the wrong premises.
Mystic Fist
Maybe I'm biased but this just seems incredibly awkward, forced, and, well, not funny.
this is so offensive for a news channel... is this really the country I live in...? I mean, I expect something like this from a talk show or something but from the news?
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Of course Faux News is going to be retarded, and fail hardcore when trying to deal with any issue that doesn't fit in their narrow religious fundie uber-capitalist, blind nationalism ideology.
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