Fire and Ice: The Tragedy of World War II





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Uploaded on Sep 2, 2010

It is the largest and most destructive war humanity has ever known. From September 1st 1939 to September 2nd 1945, the world burned, the battlefronts stretching from the Ural Mountains of Russia to the beaches of Normandy, from the jungles of Asia and the Pacific to the deserts of North Africa and the Middle East. It was a war born out of a flawed peace, and fueld by the mad dreams of a few, and yet it was an era that brought out the best and the worst of the Human Spirit, it was the Second World War

Song: Ivory Tower
Artist: Blackmore's Night
Subject: The Second World War


  1. 1

    Fire in the NIght: the Tragedy of HMS Royal Oak

  2. 2

    The Great Pony War: PMV

  3. 3

    Black Wendsday: The Tragedy of Antietem

  4. 4

    When Angels Cried: The Tragedy of the Collinwood School Fire

  5. 5

    Nightmare in the North Sea: The Tragedies of HMS Indefatigable, HMS Queen Mary, and HMS Invincible

  6. 6

    Villians-Sabaton Shadows PMV

  7. 7

    The Holocaust: Nightmare of the Final Solution

  8. 8

    USS Quincy: Ghost of Savo Island

  9. 9

    Nightmare in the Heartland: The Tragedy of the Bath School Massacre

  10. 10

    9/15/1963 10:22 AM

  11. 11

    Fire in the Sky: The Death of the Airships

  12. 12

    HMS Erebus and HMS Terror: The Tragedy of the Franklin Arctic Expedition

  13. 13

    America: Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears

  14. 14

    Eternal Flame: The United States Military

  15. 15

    Innocent Victim: The Tragedy of AHS Centaur

  16. 16

    Lost Ships X: The Ghosts of World War I

  17. 17

    Forgotten Ghost: the Tragedy of HMS Victoria

  18. Fire and Ice: The Tragedy of World War II

  19. 19

    Taffy 3: The Dragons of Samar

  20. 20

    Heart of Darkness: The Tragedy of the Vietnam War

  21. 21

    The Shield and the Sword: The United States Military

  22. 22

    Lost Ships IX: The Silent Service

  23. 23

    Lost Ships VIII: The Forgotton Tragedies

  24. 24

    Lost Ships VII: Ghosts of World War II

  25. 25

    They Never Came Home: The Tragedy of HMAS Sydney

  26. 26

    Black Sunday The Tragedy of RMS Titanic

  27. 27

    Bismarck Blood and Honor

  28. 28

    CSS Alabama: The Ghost of the Atlantic

  29. 29

    U S S Indianapolis Still At Sea

  30. 30

    Lost Ships VI: The Ghosts of Jutland

  31. 31

    The 25th of November: The Tragedy of HMS Barham

  32. 32

    USS Juneau: The Ghost of Guadalcanal

  33. 33

    HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse: The End of an Era

  34. 34

    Lost Ships V: The November Witch

  35. 35

    Lost Ships IV: Ghosts of the Sea

  36. 36

    Only Victims: The Tragedy of World War I

  37. 37

    RMS Titanic: The Ghost of the North Atlantic

  38. 38

    Lost Ships III: Fallen Warriors

  39. 39

    Lost Ships II

  40. 40

    Lost Ships

  41. 41

    HMS Hood: The Ghost of the Denmark Strait

  42. 42

    The Last Battleship: IJN Yamato

  43. 43

    USS Arizona: The Ghost of Pearl Harbor

  44. 44

    Fallen Brothers: The Tragedy of USS Juneau

  45. 45

    Before the Lusitania: The Tragedy of RMS Empress of Ireland

  46. 46

    RMS Lancastria: The Ghost of St. Nazaire

  47. 47

    Ghosts of Sunda Strait: USS Houston and HMAS Perth

  48. 48

    M/S Wilhelm Gustloff: The Forgotten Tragedy

  49. 49

    Sultana: Titanic of the Mississippi

  50. 50

    Remember the Maine

  51. 51

    General Slocum: No Longer Forgotten

  52. 52

    RMS Lusitania

  53. 53


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