DeFazio on Fugitive Coal Dust study





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Published on Sep 21, 2012


  1. 66

    DeFazio, Walden, Schrader opening testimony at O&C hearing

  2. 67

    DeFazio asking the USFS about retroactively taking SRS funds from O&C counties

  3. 68

    DeFazio: Ryan Budget Guts Transportation Infrastructure Investments, Kills Jobs

  4. 69

    DeFazio on Transportation Report Card 3-19-13

  5. 70

    DeFazio on Idle Oil Leases- Resources Hearing 3-14-13

  6. 71

    DeFazio opening statement at Map-21 Hearing 3-14-13

  7. 72

    Peter DeFazio on the Safe Climate Caucus

  8. 73

    Rep. DeFazio and Senators Harkin and Whitehouse on the Wall Street Speculators Tax

  9. 74

    Reps DeFazio and Chaffetz introduce the SHIELD Act

  10. 75

    DeFazio on funding for transportation investment

  11. 76

    Stakeholder Meeting on Dredging South Coast Ports

  12. 77

    DeFazio on immediate effects of sequestration on O&C counties

  13. 78

    DeFazio on the USPS "Crisis"

  14. 79

    DeFazio on a Balanced Budget

  15. 80

    DeFazio on the Fiscal Cliff Negotiations 12-31-12

  16. 81

    DeFazio on Job Creation, Transportation Investment, and the Fiscal Cliff

  17. 82

    DeFazio on the Republican fiscal cliff "proposal"

  18. 83

    DeFazio on Wall Street CEO push to cut Social Security

  19. 84

    DeFazio on Russian trade relations

  20. 85

    DeFazio: Let's close a tax loophole for millionaires and billionaires to fix Social Security

  21. DeFazio on Fugitive Coal Dust study

  22. 87

    DeFazio on the secret Trans Pacific Partnership "free trade" negotiations

  23. 88

    DeFazio on Corvallis mural and China

  24. 89

    DeFazio on the amendment to give small business tax breaks and pay down the deficit

  25. 90

    DeFazio on the need to Audit the Fed

  26. 91

    DeFazio on health care and stripping the insurance anti-trust exemption

  27. 92

    DeFazio on Eliminating the Special Anti-trust Exemption for Insurance Companies

  28. 93

    DeFazio announces 1-year extension of county payments pt 1

  29. 94

    DeFazio announces 1-yr extension of vital county payments pt 2

  30. 95

    DeFazio on the Founding Fathers and Transportation Investment

  31. 96

    DeFazio on the DOT grant to reopen the Siskiyou Summit Rail Line

  32. 97

    DeFazio on his amendment to protect taxpayers, target gas companies breaking the rules

  33. 98

    DeFazio addresses House committee that blocked Pentagon audit

  34. 99

    DeFazio legislation to keep student loan interest rates low

  35. 100

    DeFazio on Saving our Postal Service

  36. 101

    DeFazio opening statement at the Transportation Conference Committee

  37. 102

    DeFazio on Student Loan Interest Rates

  38. 103

    DeFazio on passing a robust transportation bill as soon as possible

  39. 104

    DeFazio on moving to a transportation conference with the Senate

  40. 105

    DeFazio on essential harbor maintenance funding

  41. 106

    DeFazio on Republican amendment to strike environmental review for transportation projects

  42. 107

    DeFazio on transportation dysfunction junction

  43. 108

    Rep. DeFazio speaking to the Eugene Rotary

  44. 109

    Let us vote on the bipartisan, job creating Senate Transportation bill

  45. 110

    What is the GOP afraid of? The Senate Transportation Bill might pass?

  46. 111

    DeFazio on the need for the bipartisan Senate Transportation bill

  47. 112

    DeFazio on the Republican refusal to bring up the bipartisan Senate transportation bill

  48. 113

    DeFazio on the insurance industry's anti-trust immunity

  49. 114

    DeFazio on passing a job-creating transportation bill

  50. 115

    Rep DeFazio on lowering gas prices immediately

  51. 116

    DeFazio on the GOP Transportation Reset

  52. 117

    DeFazio on the payroll tax cut

  53. 118

    DeFazio and Schrader Press Conference on The O&C Trust, Conservation, and Jobs Plan

  54. 119

    DeFazio on the Republican illusory offset to pay for transit

  55. 120

    DeFazio Amendment to Prevent Presidential Expedited Permitting Accepted by Committee

  56. 121

    DeFazio amendment to prevent the privatization of public transportation

  57. 122

    CRC targeted earmark pt 4

  58. 123

    CRC targeted earmark part 3

  59. 124

    CRC targeted earmark debate part 2

  60. 125

    DeFazio on the CRC targeted earmark in draft transportation bill

  61. 126

    DeFazio Defense of Safe Routes To School

  62. 127

    DeFazio Statement on the Transportation Bill Markup

  63. 128

    DeFazio on SOPA and PIPA

  64. 129

    DeFazio on vital unemployment insurance and Medicare doc payments

  65. 130

    DeFazio on "Too Big to be Counted"- auditing the Pentagon and Fed

  66. 131

    DeFazio Press Conference on USPS closures

  67. 132

    DeFazio on Postmaster General decision to close post offices

  68. 133

    DeFazio on the Honest Balanced Budget Amendment

  69. 134

    DeFazio on the Supercommittee deadline and upcoming BBA

  70. 135

    DeFazio on the South Korean Free Trade Agreement

  71. 136

    DeFazio on thSouth Korea, Panama, and Colombia free trade agreements

  72. 137

    DeFazio on the job killing free trade agreements

  73. 138

    DeFazio on Occupy Wall Street and the future of this country

  74. 139

    Rep DeFazio asks Republicans "Where are the jobs?"

  75. 140

    DeFazio on the Republican plan to create jobs by importing pythons

  76. 141

    DeFazio on vital job creating transportation infrastructure investment

  77. 142

    DeFazio on job creation and tax cuts

  78. 143

    DeFazio on the debt ceiling deal

  79. 144

    DeFazio on debt deal and balance

  80. 145

    DeFazio on priorities in the debt debate

  81. 146

    DeFazio on the Republican plan and job creation

  82. 147

    DeFazio on the proposal to cut student loans, protect tax cuts

  83. 148

    DeFazio on saving Social Security/Medicare and creating jobs

  84. 149

    DeFazio on FAA funding and private sector job loss

  85. 150

    DeFazio on how Congress can save trillions

  86. 151

    DeFazio on the Bush Tax Cuts and the budget

  87. 152

    DeFazio on the budget and fiscal sanity

  88. 153

    DeFazio explains the "chained CPI" and Gang of Six Plan

  89. 154

    DeFazio on Cut Cap and Balance

  90. 155

    DeFazio amendment to audit the Pentagon

  91. 156

    Peter DeFazio on nation building at home

  92. 157

    DeFazio on the job creation and the FICA tax holiday

  93. 158

    DeFazio on the payroll tax cut and job creation

  94. 159

    DeFazio on Cutting Payments to Brazilian Cotton Farmers

  95. 160

    DeFazio on wildlife service funding

  96. 161

    DeFazio on the creating jobs and rebuilding our economy

  97. 162

    DeFazio addresses oil speculation and the CFTC

  98. 163

    DeFazio discusses a balanced budget amendment

  99. 164

    DeFazio addresses gas prices at a Natural Resources hearing

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