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Published on Jul 31, 2012

How I have dealt with shyness through the years, tips + advice on how to make it better ♡
(I dont know everything on the subject and I know people deal with far worse then I have! But this is just my experience)

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Saima Hussain
I know this an old video but I've just come across it and I totally sympathise with you. On the surface I come across confident and sociable but inside I find it so difficult. I was a shy child and like you this was pointed out in reports. It's a constant battle but I do think putting myself out of my comfort zone does help me grow. Sorry this is a ramble but its the first time I've seen this subject being approached.
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Thank you soo much for making this, I'm only 13 and its already become a problem for me, and my daily life. If I have a crush or something on someone, I can't say anything whatsoever to them, because im deadly terrified that they'll go to their friends or something and make fun of me. And girls too, like they'll laugh at me if I say hi or something. I'm terrified of being judged, and I feel like everyone is going to judge me. Also, i watch @jayfluent and he said (more above)
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Danielle Charlotte
found this video so relateable, i hate it too when people think being shy is a bad thing and especially when they assume your boring because your quite
I cried when I had to act out a poem in my art class with only five students in my class… I know it's not as bad as I think, but I still felt so useless. No one I know is shy and quiet, so thanks for saying this out loud:) btw you are beautiful:D 
heiko dark
i have such horrible anxiety and shyness that i can't leave my house. i just stay in my room all day. when it is time for school, i have to take meds and i have to close my eyes and hum on the way there. i can't go into class without my councelor helping me and i when people talk to me i start to cry. the only person i really talk to is my gf and my german teacher. i think why i can talk to my german teacher is because we can talk to eachother in a different language. im gonna fail highschool...
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Jen Guerin
i just find it extremely hard to believe someone with "social anxiety" could make a youtube video available for anyone to see. ive never labeled myself as "socially anxious" however my anxiety is crippling. i can barely have a conversation. the idea of posting a video on youtube absolutely terrifies me. not only because im worried about random peoples' critisism but also because someone i know might see my name. i actually contemplated making a new youtube account so no one could see my name.
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carl graves
you aren't the only one!
I was shy in school myself and it did me no favours when people kept telling me ''Your'e so quiet''. I've overcome my shyness but I am still quiet. There is no crime in that, absolutely nothing wrong with quietness. Not everyone is the same you have people that just won't shut up and those who have not got very much to say. We're all different but the same, if you get me.
Addison Tiffany
me too!!! i am very quiet , and can be very shy, so that makes some people think i'm boring. not many people want to be my friend just because i'm shy and quiet sometimes.
Darlene T
First of all I would like to say thank you for posting this video. All my life I've felt like I had a problem and that I was weird. My family members would say its not ok to be shy and to myself and serious because no one would ever like to be my friend or want to talk me. Hearing you say that's ok to be shy and quiet because its who we are and we shouldn't feel any different from others really really makes me happy. People don't always understand and it's frustrating. Thank you :') thank you
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