iraq war: us soldier throws his medals and stars!!! and quits





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Published on Dec 5, 2009

us soldier iraq war

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I appreciate his honesty, but it would've been nice if he had questioned his behavior in the moment and not after the fact.
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More than 500,000 Iraq people get killed. And some people said: "why they hate us ?".
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This is the same shit that happened in the Vietnam war.
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Kolton Whitmire
I think there are many soldiers who are good people with compassion for humanity and civilians, I also think there are soldiers who may like the power trip and just want to hurt people, in any military force. I neither condemn nor promote the message of this man. I do not think his experience is universal nor do I think his experience is false. War is hell and this man has freedom of speech and I am glad he can share his story.
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Canaan B
as an American, this makes me so sad. i used to think America was fighting a just war. i just want the killing to end. to all non-Americans reading this, i want to tell you: we Americans are very nice people. it's our government that is corrupt! don't blame us! blame our government! i wish i could do something about this. the politicians in office make me not only ashamed to be an American, they make me ashamed to even be a part of the human race. yes, you heard me. I AM ASHAMED TO BE IN THE SAME SPECIES WITH THESE POLITICIANS. if there is a God, when i die, i want to stand face to face before him so He can say to me, "You were different. You weren't like those lying people who disgraced the human race. You actually made a difference. You were a true representation of the spirit of a human and how good one can be."   thats all i want. to be remembered as someone who made the world and humanity a better place.  i don't blame our soldiers. they don't have a say in where they're sent. i blame the politicians and all the evil people who order them to do unspeakable things. To all  Americans reading this: there's still hope! we can change! we can still make this country as great as it once was! if our founding fathers could see what we've become today, they'd be horrified, and they probably wouldn't have started the country in the first place if they knew that we would turn out like this.  I love America. America is my home. I was born and raised here. America is everything to me. and we need to salvage what's left of it. i pray that that will happen soon.
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The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people, but because of the silence of good people.
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Yunus - Jonah
God / Allah is The Ever Forgiving The All Forgiving The Accepting of Repentance Repent and ask for forgiveness and guidance from the 1 and only God for he forgives all sins and whomever He wants of his slaves I am a Muslim and I am saddened that such a young man has done so much damage to his soul. You may kill as many Muslims and destroy as many mosques as the evil zionists want. God will establish His Religion upon the Earth and guide people to the truth no matter what background race nationality ruch or poor 3rd world or 1st world Gods Religion will dominate satans religions and the devil can do nothing about it for God is the Almighty The Wise and his plan is firm while the devils plan is weak Read the Quran and cleanse ur heart of all hate prejudice racism arrogance and hypocrisy and pray to God and enter into His Religion! 
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Mo Money
I guess people now understand why muslims cut of heads of western people! If I lived in iraq and i saw the us amry shooting randomly, i would also turn radical!
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congo jander
USA is the biggest terrorist of this world how many more you are going to kill for oil
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He should be in prison for his crimes. And George Bush should be in prison too
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