Ode to Yahweh





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Published on Mar 28, 2009

An irreverent and foul-mouthed composition hopefully pointing out a few of the many many things that make me think that the Judea-Christian God is simply a bunch of made up shit.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/nonstampNSC
The christian response to this video has so far been to
a) compare this composition to the racism of apartheid South Africa
b) to compare it to the brainwashing employed by the Nazis in WW2 Germany.

Yeah, obviously!!!

c) just the old "You shouldn't be offensive" line.

To that I say: The days of religion being automatically granted more "respect" than it deserves (which is practically none) are well and truly over.
If religion wants respect, including intellectual respect, it has to earn it like everything else.
If someone doesn't want people to laugh at their beliefs, they shouldn't have such fucking ridiculous beliefs. (talking snakes? an omnipotent god who can't change his own mind? Jesus ascending physically into the ozone layer and troposphere? Come on!!!).

d) telling me that I have made claims in the poem that I simply haven't.

e) that old thing about how since Yahweh couldn't be bothered to see to it that his one and only message to mankind get translated correctly, then it's all MY fault when I take the bible at its word but it isn't exactly what the Hebrew says, and that I really ought to become a scholar in archaic middle-eastern languages before I go quoting the bible
Look, the 'anger' is mainly theatrical. I'm a happy camper! And no, I'm not angry at God, just like you aren't angry at Santa Claus.

And yeah, I know it won't change any christian's mind. I'm not really trying to do that on this one. This is just for fun.

***Winning comment so far***
from PFWoody488:

I do not like the christian's spam.
I do not like them Sam I am.
I would not let them in my boat.
Not unless they tongue my scrote.
I think their sky daddy is but a scam.
No i don't want their christian spam.

Thanks Woody.

And then this one from ACOUSTICA :

There once was a Non-stamp collector...
A genuine bullshit detector.
He called out your god.
Don't like his facade?
Then swallow his salty white nectar.

...fuck!! Nectar!!!!!

"Answers" video coming soon.



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