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Published on Dec 6, 2008

My translation on "The Daughter of Vengeance".
(This is reprint. I only add translation to video)

This was request work for Dec.=)
Fixed some lines.

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Original music by Piihyara
Music by Mothy
Lyric by Misakiya@Piapro
Vocal by Vocaloid "MEIKO"

[Who's MEIKO?]

[About my translation]
If you have anything about my translation
please see my profile for my translation policy first.

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MEIKO 's "The Daughter of Vengeance" Lyric
Long long ago in some place was
The kingdom of treachery and inhumanity
In a small village there lived
The red haired village maiden
Military policemen were autocrats and
All her livestock had died off
Family who she loved too died from starvation
Everything was all for the princess
"We are short of both money and meal"
People gathered and appealed
Her love who went against the princess
Now stood on the guillotine
"I'll never forgive you for this!!"
Evil flower,
I'll scatter you someday
With the sword of vengeance
Weeds walken all over have
Ahh... have heart too, I'll show you that
The tyrant princess had fell in love and
Lost her last reason
And by the order of the princess
The daughter of green was killed
People seethed in anger
One day gatherd in a square
And quietly announces the opening of a war was,
The maiden of red who (now) wore a armor
Numerous people gathered to the red
Numerous people shed the *blood(red)
Grief of the suffering people
Roused the maiden
"We're going... come with me!"
Evil flower,
This is the time to avenge
Holding the sword of vengeance
Quite beautifully she wields the sword
Ahh, the maiden of red who blooms in the war field
In order to defeat the evil princess,
Finally the maiden reaches the castle
I will not take "crowd no more then a bevy of birds"
They are the revolutionary army of the red armor
A soldier who shammed (one of her) people
Pounces on her neck
Though by the blue prince who drew a long bow
The man was shot down
Finally reinforcement too had arrived
The time to announce the end is now
Bearing people's voices on her back
She runs up to the throne
Evil flower,
To where do you run?
Leaving the other half...
The princess(SERVANT) in dignified face
Ahh, was bearing everything, smiling...
Long long ago in some place was
The kingdom of treachery and inhumanity
Who saved all the people there was
The lady swordsman of red armor
Time of execution was three o'clock in the afternoon,
The bell of church will ring any minute...
The servant who was called the princess
What will he think about at the guillotine
Finally, the time arrives.
And the bell which announces the end...
Among the people
The princess was standing
"We are the same...."
Evil flower,
To where do you disappear?
Bearing other half's death...
Even if I am called "hero(ine)" after days,
Ahh, I am after all the daughter of *vengeance(evil) too


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