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Published on Aug 11, 2009

I know it's been a while since my last video but that's because of my broken Dazzle. I found one at a Goodwill o.0 for $10 so I said why not and to my surprise it had its install disk as well so it was just perfect. This was done on the PS2 for convenience (so I don't have to unplug and then plug things into the dazzle and later back onto the TV. I just quickly run through Marvel vs Capcom 2 and it's achievements. It has been out for the Xbox Live Arcade and PSN for a couple of weeks and for those who have not gotten the achievements this is some help. Enough of that here's what you want a guide just look below

-----------(In the Order you see in the video)-----------
----------------Achievement/Trophy Guide---------------
________Written by crisisangel64 aka SRD_______

*Shun Goku Satsu* 10G-Bronze ( 2:13 - 2:17 )
Perform a 3-part Hyper Combo (Multiplayer)
______*Shun Goku Satsu on PS3*
↓↘→ □+Δ then interrupt ↓↘→ □+Δ and one more time ↓↘→ □+Δ
______*Shun Goku Satsu on 360*
↓↘→ x+y then interrupt with ↓↘→ x+y finally do it once more ↓↘→ x+y and achievement unlocked

*Avengers Assemble 20G-Silver, Uncanny Heroes 10G-Bronze, World Warriors 10G-Bronze, and Vampire Saviers 10G-Bronze* ( 1:20 - 4:57 )
Beat the game with ____ theme team without continuing or challenges. (Arcade Mode)
You MUST do the following:
Use 3 characters who fulfill the requirement of the team (so Iron Man x 3, B. B. Hood x3, Ryu x3, Cable x3)
Beat Arcade mode on any difficulty so set to lowest
CANNOT CONTINUE or Challenge (Player2) so use the cheap methods shown for selectable characters and as for Abyss this should help a little guide on his 3 forms
__FORM 1: Get behind him when he looks like if he's going to do the Duff Man thrust which is a projectile and strike like crazy when he lifts his fist don't try jumping over him it's an overhead projectile that does a lot of damage. Also watch out for his Juggernaut style charge and try jumping over. BUT SAVE HYPER COMBO'S IN THIS MATCH
__FORM 2: Push both assist buttons for triple team hyper combo and/or spam hyper combo's this guy is annoying or you could let time run out on any of the 3 so long as you damage enough and don't die. Try avoiding the Bubbles by super jumping away and using a projectile to keep you sustained mid-air
__FORM 3: VERY EASY just smack when he's above ground use a hyper combo if possible to make damage quicker (since he is big he will get hit a lot more). He tends to disappear but the sphere he leaves behind can be hit to damage him as well be warned he will use a projectile that rises from the floor so hold back while striking since this does a lot of damage. You can also let time run out if you survive dealing good damage.

*I am Doom Achievement* 20G-Silver ( 5:25 - 5:37 )
Defeat opponent in under 15 seconds (Multiplayer)
Step 1: Select 1 Colossus and w/e 2 characters
Step 2: Player 2 Select 3 Amingo's (punching bag)
Step3: Now strike LP ↓↘→ LK or HK repeat and should K.O very fast like 2-3 seconds each

*Hyakuretsu Kyaku 10G-Bronze+ Berserker Barrage 20G-Silver* ( 4:54 and 5:55 - 6:33 )
Perform a 100+200 hit Combo (Multiplayer)
Select the team Ryu, Iron Man, and War Machine (IN THAT ORDER and set them to PROJECTILE assists)
On second controller select 3 Hulks (set as ANTI-AIR assists)
Set Handicap to 1 on BOTH now charge the meter to LV3 for BOTH teams.
1ST Use the Hulks' triple team hyper and THEN Ryu-Iron Man-War Machine triple team hyper

*Get Out of Here!!!* 10G-Bronze ( 6:15 )
Perform 10 snapbacks within 20 unique teams in Ranked/Scoreboard Matches
↓↘→ Assist button so either LB, RB (360) or L1, R1 (PS3)
Play online in Ranked Matches and do this and upon the 10th time the achievement should unlock

I didn't show the other Ranked match things but those are self explanatory.
Mega Buster=50 Ranked/Scoreboard wins 10G-Bronze
#1 in the Hood=100 Ranked/Scoreboard wins 20G-Silver so Just play online Ranked matches for those.

*The Best There Is (At What I Do)* 50G-Gold
Perform 50 One Character Victories within 20 unique teams in (Ranked/Scoreboard Matches)
......you must be either very skilled or Boost online since you need to win 50 matches using 1 character IN RANKED/SCOREBOARD Matches.
-You CAN use assists
--You cannot use more than 20 different teams.
(So you can stick with one team if you would like or Ice Man it)

My Xbox Gamertag: crisisangel64 (so you can verify click below)

To Anyone Who Can Identify The Song Has My Respect
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He Has My Respect

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