Jimmy Neutron - ジミー・ニュートロン (Fanmade Japanese Opening)





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Uploaded on Feb 18, 2010

Since Youtube is a giant asshole and muted the audio track, you can watch/DL the original video (sound included) here: http://www.idreamofjimmy.com/Musicvid...

Note: THIS IS A FANMADE MV. It's the theme song re-imagined, Code Geass-style, for fun. No infringement intended.

As part of my ongoing quest to be really nerdy, I was browsing around the NickJapan website, when I stumbled across the page for the Adventures of Jimmy Neutron (written ジミー・ニュートロン ぼくは天才発明家!). The webpage has an episode clip in Japanese as well as character names and profiles. Now, being a fan of all things foreign, it got me thinking - dude, JN needs a Japanese style opening theme (for anyone who watches anime, you'll know that the Japanese are really good at themesong clip montages).

So I made a new theme song. "Hitomi no Tsubasa" (瞳ノ翼, or "the wings in my eyes" - which coincidentally is also the 3rd opening of Code Geass). I'm not sure why I chose this song, since the lyrics have almost no relevance to the show, but it just seemed to fit somehow.

A few notes on the translation:
I really worked hard to make this as realistic and accurate as possible. I'm SURE there are mistakes (I only know a little Japanese), but hopefully they are minor. All of the main characters' name-spellings I lifted straight from the Japanese website, so if they're wrong, it's nickjapan's fault, not mine. I used transliteration software to approximate the names of the more minor characters - for those of you who don't know, katakana is used to write foreign words, and it doesn't include all English sounds, so sometimes the result is pretty ridiculous.
In the case of Jimmy and Cindy, I felt that their last names held enough significance that they should be translated as the actual Japanese word for Neutron and Vortex rather than just the katakana style sound-out. All of this resulted in the following translations:

-JIMMY: ジミー・ニュートロン, or Jimi Nyutaron - this is how Nickjapan translates it, but as I said above, I wanted to go for the REAL translation, which resulted in:
中性子 ジミー, or Chuuseishi Jimi (in this case and the next I put the last name first, like Japanese people do)
-CINDY: 竜巻 シンディ, or Tatsumaki Shindei (it'd be Shindei Vorutekasu if you spelled it straight out, without the translation of the word "Vortex")
-SHEEN: シーン エスタヴェズ, or Shi^n Esutavezu
-LIBBY: リビー フォルファカス, Ribi^ Forufakasu
-CARL: カール ュィゼル, or Karu Yuizeru
-GODDARD: ゴッダード, or Godda^do
-JUDY: ジュディ, or Judei
-HUGH: ヒュヮ, or Hyuwa
-BETTY: ベティ, or Betei
-NICK DEAN: ニク ディン, or Niku Dein
-SAM MELNICK: サム, or Samu
-PRINCIPAL WILLOUGHBY: ウィロビ 校長, or Uirobi-kouchou
-MISS FOWL: ファヮル 先生, or Fawaru-sensei
-KING GOOBOT: グボトゥ王, or Gubotou -ou

I wanted to include more villains, but I ran out of time. Besides, Goobot is pretty much the "big bad" who started it all - and continued to influence the show during all 3 seasons.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my little cultural foray.

Video made using Photoshop CS2 and Sony Vegas 8


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