raising your kundalini, the dangers #2 + symbols!!!





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Published on Feb 18, 2009

I was trying to say philanthropic!

golgotha=place of the skull

pineal=like a pine cone


5. (Q) Which is the highest gland in the body - the pineal or the pituitary?
(A) The pituitary! (281-29)

14. (Q) Medical Science calls the glands at the base of the brain Pituitary and 3rd eye Pineal. Why have these names been reversed? Please explain.
(A) Their activity indicates that, from the angles of this study, these should be reversed.

15. (Q) Meaning we should reverse ours, or that Medical Science should?
(A) To understand what is being given, reverse them! We are not telling Medical Science what to do! We are telling YOU what to do! (281-54)


7. (Q) What was meant by "As in the first Adam sin entered, so in the last Adam all shall be made alive?"
(A) Adam's entry into the world in the beginning, then, must become the savior OF the world, as it was committed to his care, "Be thou fruitful, multiply, and SUBDUE the earth!" Hence Amilius, Adam, the first Adam, the last Adam, becomes - then - that that is GIVEN the POWER OVER the earth, and - as in each soul the first to be conquered is self - then ALL THINGS, conditions and elements, are subject unto that self! That a universal law, as may be seen in that as may be demonstrated either in gases that destroy one another by becoming elements of the same, or that in the mineral or the animal kingdom as may be found that destroy, or BECOME one WITH the other. Hence, as Adam given - the SON of God - so he MUST become that that would be able to take the world, the earth, back to that source from which it came, and ALL POWER is given in his keeping in the earth, that he has overcome; self, death, hell and the grave even, become subservient unto Him THROUGH the conquering of self in that made flesh; for, as in the beginning was the word, the Word WAS with God, the Word WAS God, the same was IN the beginning. The Word came and dwelt among men, the offspring of self in a material world, and the Word OVERCAME the world - and hence the world BECOMES, then, as the servant of that that overcame the world! (364-7)


45. (Q) Since I am definitely drawn to occult things, how can I free myself from the fear instilled by an early horoscope which stated that in turning to anything psychic I might open myself to the influences of black magic?
(A) No better formula may be given than this: Read Deuteronomy 30th, as being directed to thee BY those influences ye helped establish among a great peoples.

Then study and analyze John 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th. Not as rote, again, but as a PRACTICAL experience, as may be the experience of any soul that seeks to make that creative force, God, as manifested there, the rule of the life.

No greater psychic lived than Jesus of Nazareth. No greater activity was manifested than by the entity itself in that directing of the household of its own sons; two of which practised black magic and were destroyed. These build that fear. In Him it is eradicated. (2630-1)

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