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Published on Sep 6, 2012

Visit my Website to Rate Guild Wars 2, 1-10! http://angryjoeshow.com/2012/09/guild...

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This game is now FREE TO PLAY
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Except now all those players who bought the game earlier have to pay extra to play the expansion.
A Potato
If Joe came back and saw the improvements to the negative, he will give it a 20/10 and another Joe Seal of approval
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Lara Neves
For anyone who's watching this review in 2016, all the negatives Joe mentions are no longer an issue: - Most of the time there's no long queue times to enter WvW, -The Trading Post where you can sell and buy stuff 100% safely in game is a thing of beauty, - There's now plenty of armor skins to use and also outfits (non-stat, pure aesthetic skins) which you can use at low lvls. And even if you think character creation is slightly limited there are items in the store which gives you more choice in hairstyles, hair colours, faces, etc. - Dungeons now have appropriate rewards and aren't that hard with a good 5-people party (except Arah. Obviously) Additionally, since this video there were plenty of new changes, among them: the core game is now free to play, you don't have to buy gems with RL money, you can buy them with in-game gold and vice-versa. There's far more content and story to play through. And if you have the expansion you can glide everywhere, there's elite specialisation for every class and also the lvl cap is no longer 80, after you reach lvl 80 there's a new mastery system with plenty of rewards for every level. And many, many more!
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And now there`s also living world season 3, so even more stuff!
Secreto Anónimo
Skydidiver Ict 1)You don't know what you're talking about, WvW got so many changes to please its playerbase, tons of vote polls to choose what changes the community wanted overall, huge reward reworks and server linking to make sure low population servers get to experience WvW as they should, I suggest you check the reward update because it's seriously too many things to even bother typing them. 2) Of course, that's how life works, there's things you're better off producing and things you're better off not producing, since there's a thing called supply and demand. so don't act like it's the market that's dumb, it's because it's well done. 3)Can't really disagree with the Black Lion Gemstore argument, they do milk it a lot, but there's definitely a SHITTON of skins that aren't in the gemstore, anyone can check the Wardrobe ingame and see for themselves. 4) Dungeons give you the rewards anyone deserves for the little effort they require, gold and tokens to buy best quality high level gear isn't rewarding enough for you? salvageable gear, too.
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Guild Wars 2 is probably one of my favorite MMO in years. full of content and locations to explore. I recommend this MMO for players both old and new 2 to the genre. 
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Wayne Steele
ashley cross Because regardless of the naysayers and those who enjoy trolling, the game has strong repeat playabilty, still decent graphics even though slightly dated, deep crafting, competitive PvP, and decent storyline. The breadth of the game for a one time purchase is great. should you choose to upgrade there's even more content. I personally don't see the negativity some are spouting.
ashley cross
Probably. Unless they plan to make another similar game or decided it's a waste of money to maintain, but at this point you should probably wonder why you're still playing it
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Is it worth playing this in 2016?
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fawxy mawksy
It depends on your way of exploring, You can make it fun/boring.
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This is a Happy Review :D Ps. i still play this game since beta to date!
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Andrea Pena
been playing GW since GW1 :')
Right now the expansion is on sale for half the prize for a few days.
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INFO: all negative aspects are fixed these days!
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Günther, ein Ritter des heiligen römischen Reiches
black lion trading post?
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myles samonset
this game sounds like its the best game ever made..
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Mr decker
myles samonset+ been playing a year by now and upgraded. You won't be disappointed, and as an old frustrated mmo player I can tell you that it's totally worth
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Thanks to this review i started playing GW 2. TY JOE! This game is like a shining light in a cloudy day full of stale grindy boring MMOs. It's f2p now so anyone can try it out for free, but it has a few nasty limitations for f2p players like not being able to chat in zone chat or limited whispers, only 2 character slots and a few others thet don't really impede your gameplay but feel annoying at times. these limitations are lifted if you buy the expansion and you get a ton of new content AND a glider that helps you travel a lot faster. The graphics are so beautiful that most of the time you feel like you are immersed in a classic painting. The gameplay is solid, combat is interesting and fresh with both tab/select targeting and action targeting, using skills on the run, changing weapons during combat and dodging enemy AOE attacks will make you feel like a bad-ass all the time. Quests are interesting and have multiple objectives that vary from combat to item interactions, random events pop up quite often compelling you to engage them naturally, but the best thing about the game is the exploration. I really felt good about exploring maps to 100% and i also got a nice reward out of it. The community in this game is absolutely fantastic. Random people that you meet in the world will actually stop and TALK to you, group events are spawned costantly and are a joy to participate in and guilds are very helpful and friendly. The only things i didnt like is there are no mounts (although the quick travel system is very good) and no player housing (if you are into that sort of thing). If you want a fresh and interesting MMO with minimal grinding, a ton of fun activities and a great community than jump in GW2 right now!
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pro people play f2p in Ranked and rekt the whole team ALONE . Like Power Mesmer or Condition Necromancer .. So can you say something about Expantion needed to be better in pvp ?
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Paul Dunn
Angry Joe at his prime.
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Adam D.G
Yeah i feel like he should lose 15 lbs and go back to this look. Oh, and release reviews instead of promoting shitty f2p games.
+‫مبين الرفيعي‬‎ SONIC FREE RIDERS
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Where's the Heart Of Thorns video, Joe? Huh? Where is it?
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+Michael Cartier wait you can upgrade to hot you don't need to buy a hole new acc
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