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Published on Nov 2, 2012

I recorded this a few weeks ago but never got the chance to post it. XD Whoops~ Hehe... ^^;; Well I posted it now. -w- Oh yes, and I did the translyrics~ ^^ I don't know why, I just find using others' translyrics hard. .-. Oh guys, good news, I'm working on another Chinese cover. XD I'm doing Lynne. :P But my throat hurts after raging earlier because of some stuff. -_- I was like: "RAAAAAAAAAGE. SDHKJHASKDF." o_e"

Anyways, that's about it. XD Oh, my friends birthday is coming up soon. .3. I think I should sing Spice. To make him feel awkward. Yeah, I'll do that. XD


White headphones glued down to my deaf ears, flash out a sign and grin to the strangers nearby.
The warmth flowing away with every step I take, oozing out as I knock on the door.
"Still can't decry?" They stare with hopeful eyes.
Hesitation took over, now that I think back, I wish I could just throw this all away!
"I change my mind!" But the words came out too late.

Love, far, far gone to people that have been hated all their life.
This delirious system, if it comes true we'll be lost in a sea of damned lies.

Girls and boys prepare for a fight, even under the burning sun we'll follow the light.
"Bring it all back!"
"Bring it all back!"

Draw near, code these lies with zeros.
The flames begin to engulf the crimson moon.
A world outside fantasies seems unreal, welcome to a war lined fantasia, now!

"Go ahead," The words I mutter so cold, stick your tongue out with your make up kind eyes.
"It's time for my go," The password I typed in, now the hellion will ride into the abyss.
The day grows dark, the 'children' stay amuck, the wars not over, no it's really far.
But disaster can be prosperity, can't it? No I can't black out, please stop it, hurry, hurry.

In tempo are gazes meet silhouettes.
When the last beat calls on the final frontier a high-five and a nod so sincere.
With one cipher, our fates begin interlock.
The opposing team prepare for the final knock.
This is no longer a playful, little childrens game, hey you see, this is the middle of it all.
This is the battlefield.

So how is it, is it a dream come true? How's the heat and all the new lives you've met?
"It isn't that bad." I take your hand and your eyes finally see the truthful light.
Pathetically, we use sordid words as "passwords" in this bloodshed.
Turn towards the light, even if it's only a little.

Girls and boys prepare for a fight, even under the blazing sun we'll follow the light.
Remember those words, those fragmented calls.
The greetings and farewells that nobody now knows.

"Hey, hey, what a mystifying blind world.
The cruelty of it all just makes me laugh!"

The transmission ends.

Girls and boys prepare for a fight, even under the incandescent sun we'll follow the light.
"Snatch it all back!"
"Snatch it all back!"
The everlasting sun let's out it's final cry.
Ring in, that's our last call, no more, no more of these heat haze days!
The final option's come near!
The ones trapped all along have awoken now!


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