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Published on Nov 18, 2008

Meant to name it: "A Disturbing Scenario," but it'd be clunky. XP; This video actually has an alt. storyline, lol.

A "monster" video which took me approx. 12+ hrs to do. (WMM KEPT CRASHING ON ME!!) Well, roughly, but an entire day was thrown into this.

My second (technically 3rd) serious video product. :) So once again, I scrapped several pieces together. Using some artworks, as well as left over doodles that weren't really worth posting on DA, and compiled this "side story" to go with my comic of the same title. ;)

If Luigi and Daisy WERE in a pairing, I'd find it pretty funny how one person (Luigi) would be crushing on another (Daisy), but doesn't have the guts to spill it, and yet his other personality (Mr. L) goes ahead and charms the girl! (lol) Now Daisy, didn't mind Luigi and was actually fine with the way he was, because he's a good-natured guy. Maybe a bit naive, and often clumsy, but still a nice and loyal friend. :P Pretty hard NOT to tease his innocence, at least for Daisy. XP Of course, let's not forget that Luigi has other traits as well...or should I say, another side of him. ;]

With Mr. L in the picture, the roles get reversed, and Daisy who is normally the "man" so to say, becomes reduced to a female version of Luigi. XD Sounds like cat and mouse lol, :3.

What? Some "explicit" artworks? ;P More like suggested, but it's labeled "Luigi/Mr.L x Daisy" for that reason lol. XD;;; Besides, I "film damaged" them to a degree that they should be hard to see, and the title "Disturbia" should also drop the hint this video is a bit off the spectrum. X3

On a side note, yep, skinny Mario takes the intermission @ 1:30. XD;; My favorite segment is 2:47-3:43. :D

FOR MORE INFO (story & status):

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I haven't seen this since I was 12 oh gosh I miss this
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fear the eels
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izzy is bored
OMFG I WAS OBSESSED WITH THIS WHEN I WAS 6 :O Memories Wipes tear off Jesus those were the days......
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is Mr. L like an alter ego of Luigi like Dark Link is to normal Link??
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DJGamer 2000OfMinecraft
Oh, I just love your work, and I already have a DA acount, DJNightStep actaully, and would love to have art, not quite as good as ours but still good, I'm mean, I suck. I tried to do a comic just by drawing it then editing then together but It didn't work out :/ still submitted it though
Nicole Spektor
I love Mr. L and I love these comics, but one thing I miss is that most of them leave out his eccentric behavior. He's not just a cool, suave, charismatic playboy, he's also very arrogant, headstrong, loud, thinks extremely highly of himself, and isn't really that good at flirting or insults. I love the smooth version of him, but he's honestly just as weird and awkward as Luigi, if not more so. xD
Random Girl
I remember drawing these and I was so proud I was like 8,my first fav ship and then I looked back at it and was like wtf but ahh the memories
Alexandria the werewolf
at 1:12 holy shit
SUPER GAMER XD a.k.a Zabuza
Good Song
SkyRainbow 404
1:11 N O S E B L E E D
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