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Published on May 19, 2008

Documentary shedding light on some less known facts of the first world war, particularly the entry of the United States into the war.

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Saw all 5 episodes, nothing new, no secrets revealed, just clickbait bullshit title.
I never understood why the US came into the war . Was it Wall street driven as some claim ? Another explanation  I have been given,  was for the USA to dominate world trade after the war's end ?
@83UtrechtN I think that WW1 is getting a lot of undeserved "bad rep" for allegedly causing WW2. There was a 20 year long interval during which many things could have been done by many of the parties involved which would have either by themselves or combined made WW2 a very unlikely if not an impossible development. Unfortunately, the US did not put its weight behind the League of Nations even though it had been US president Wilson's initiative, France kept its outdated military strategy and wasted precious resources on the wrong type of rearmament, France let Hitler occupy the Rhineland even though he could have been stopped relatively easily at that point, Britain and France both let Germany rearm without timely and appropriate counter-measures, bad French-British diplomacy made Mussolini into an ally of Hitler's even though he initially had no such intentions, bad British diplomacy made Stalin mistrustful of British intentions to the point of covertly cooperating with Hitler and giving him vital military support, a whole series of bad decisions within Germany itself on the part of democratic forces made Hitler's rise possible but in the end when he failed to gain a majority they decided to hand over dictatorial powers to him anyway. Not to mention that had Hitler received an adequate sentence for his failed coup attempt in the 1920s, he would never have become a major force to begin with. So, to conclude, it was not WW1 itself but a series of bad decisions over the subsequent years by many of the involved parties that eventually made WW2 possible...
Chuck D
Disgusting how many soldiers America lost in less than 6 months of Combat, with many dying from the Influenza instead of combat! Wilson refused to admit there was a problem with obviously sick soldiers infecting whole units. My Grandfather was somehow immune to the plague, he was set to work carrying out dead bodies in N.Y. He said some bodies had laid in the tenement apts. for weeks before they were disposed of! Gruesome work, almost as bad as combat! 
Nigel Theman
Military conquest is the rule, not the exception in the history of this world. It is a miracle we have the level of freedoms still that allow us to be so spoiled by it we think it is just the way it is and should be. I don't know the answer to it, there those who obsess to rule and oppress and gain wealth at the expense of all others. All the great world religions are guilty of it, along with the dictators and tyrannical regimes. Freedom is not free.
If you take a close look at the whole American situation in the decades leading up to the war, and how the war was a key piece in CHANGING that situation (esp vis a vis the ability to sail and trade freely), you have to conclude that America ultimately gained a great deal of its main objective in the war. So even if I wouldn't necessarily say the U.S. "won" the war, the endeavor was in key respects a "success.", Darwin was wrong, Shakespeare never wrote Shakespeare and Soviets won WW2. Fuck off.
An Establishement-selected assortment of secrets, with the dirtiest ones left out. Biggest one, how the Rothschild-led bankers fomented & funded WWI. How pre-president Hoover arranged food shipments to Germany to extend the war another 2 years. How SOCIALIST presidential candate Euhe Debbs was jailed for opposing the war. War is terrible, but terribly profitable - why the great b*******s are allowed to continue lying & making new wars.
So. Mr. Pershing won't commit his army till it's ready. Very prudent and sensible. He wants them to fight as a unit so as to retain their identity? How nice. Never stopped the yanks from demanding other people's forces kowtow to their commanders. 
Ornette Coleman
Stop your foul whining, you filthy piece of distended rectum.
"Educating?" I had state schooling that taught us how awesome and cool we are. State spent money steals from the people to empower the state further. I understand the hypocrisy here, but I was just ribbing on the Britt for calling the kettle black.
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