bilin night raid, some injuries 16.09.09 by haitham al katib





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Published on Sep 15, 2009

Bil'in night raid, some injuries 16.09.09

Shortly after 1:30am, Israeli forces invaded Bil'in again. They raided the house of Abdullah Mahmoud Aburahma in an attempt to arrest him. However, he was not home at the time. Palestinian and international activists intervened by jumping over the wall into the garden since the soldiers had shut the gate closed. Some international activists were threatened with arrest unless they move back. The soldiers had sealed off the house while operating inside. They forced open two doors breaking the locks and destroying the doors. They trashed several rooms and beat Mohammed Khatib who had come to the rescue of Abdullah's family. He was taken to hospital in Ramallah for treatment and returned to the village later.

Military reinforcement arrived in five Jeeps. Outside the house, one Palestinian activist, Emad Burnat, who was filming, was pushed to the ground. One soldier also broke his camera. Hamde Aburahma and other Palestinian journalists were threatened with arrest unless they stop filming. They hit Ashraf Aburahma, another activist, with the gun injuring his right hand.

The house of Abdullah's brother, Khaled Aburahma, was raided as well, which traumatized his children that were pulled brutally out of their sleep. The invading forces said that until they find Abdullah, the entire neighborhood was theirs. They searched every room and trashed one room downstairs next to the store. They stole Palestinian flags, banners and posters used during demonstrations, and then left the house.

The invading forces exited the village around 3am without any victims.

Abdullah Aburahma called all the Human Rights organizations worldwide to help stopping the night raids in Bil'in, and to support the demonstrations against the occupation which is a legal activity

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John Reed
Gestapo troops?
Joshua Frost
WTF gives these activists the right to boss around the army of a country they are visiting? There is nothing in this video that shows illegal, let alone "genocidal" activity by the Israeli army.
@whateverr1993 and to fire qassam rockets on innocent citizens is ok ? Oo and to kidnap IDF soldiers is ok ? Oo and to disturb to military mission is ok ? Oo and a TERROR ORGANIZATION that take control on innocent civilians is ok ? Oo I want to see if in your country something like that will happen and you reply thus. asshole ...
@c9dw2rm8 A jew can never be an occupier on a land called JUDEA an Arab from ARABIA living on a land of Judea is the occupier!
Cowards are the Palestinians who kill innocent civilians like yesterday shooting a jewish rabbi driving his car like the pigs they are and running to hide underneath their wife skirts. The son of that murdered Rabbi said it right he said: "We should not avange my Father death, we are Humans we don't kill, if they come to hurt us we will but we will not go them and murder them, WE ARE JEWS WE ARE HOLY WE ARE HUMAN!!! He summed exectly what material we are made of unlike these animals!
This land was never Palestinians ans was never owned by anybody. Jews were leagally settling that land and came as jewish immigrants to the land leagally just like many Arab immigrants came to the land during the early 20th century. The Arabs have a mental problem like my Pomaranian dog whenever he touches something he thinks thats his just because he touched it, same with the Arabs they think this land is theirs just because they say so, even though leagally they don't own it.
Jeffrey Clark
In a democracy, the military works for the people and is guided by a legal principles that restrain their use of force. If a crime is committed, then the suspect should be arrested and questioned by the police, not beaten by the military. It's simple.
Moral of the story 'Don't mess with the military when they have a job to do'. They were told repeatedly to go away but wouldn't. The guy was told to hand over a battery but wouldn't. The woman swore at the soldier. The guy spat at the soldier. About the comment in the film "You're looking for Abdullah? He's not in the drawers." No, but incriminating documents or weapons could be. sludgehammerhellfest commented about the masks - Special forces worldwide wear them - the ordinary soldiers didn't.
Isreal do themselves no favours with this kind of behaviour. The west is fully aware of the atrocities inflicted by these thugs hiding behind masks and invalid laws. Politicians are the curse of mankind, not the common people who try to live their lives in peace. Do the world a service, put a bullet in a politician today. Anyone who wants to govern other peoples lfe, deserves severe retrobution.
4 million? Thats not true. There are 1.5 million in Gaza another 1.5 in Israel about 2 million in the west bank and 80% of the Jordanians who see themselves as Palestinians together with many in the Arab world. You are talking about 7 million people who see themselves as Palestinans. You are right they deserve a state and it should be in Jordan which is 4 times the size of Israel with a population of 5 million of which 80% are Palestinians. We should work to establish Palestine in Jordan!
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