50 Signs You're in a Bad Relationship





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Published on Jul 29, 2014

50 Signs You're in a Bad Relationship

Hemant Mehta (http://www.friendlyatheist.com, http://www.patreon.com/Hemant)

Inspired by: http://nakedpastor.com/2014/07/10-sig...

Are you afraid of making Him angry?
Do you frequently apologize to him?
Does he need constant affirmation about how great He is?
Do you always beg Him for favors?
Do you worry about getting on His bad side?
Do you feel like He's always watching you?
Do you feel like you can never do anything right in His eyes?
Are you afraid of disagreeing with Him?
Do you feel like you can never get away from Him?
Does He tell you that you're nothing without Him?
Does He make you feel inadequate or worthless?
Does He make you think that all the good things in your life are possible thanks to Him and not because of your own efforts?
Does He freak out at the thought of you worshiping someone else?
Does He threaten you if you think about leaving Him?
Does He get jealous easily?
Do His demands often seem unrealistic?
Does He often lose His temper?
Does He get violent when He doesn't get His way?
Does He even control your sex life?
Do you ever feel like He has your whole life already mapped out for you?
Does He ever make unreasonable demands and expect you to follow through with them?
Does He force you to put Him before everyone else in your life?
Do you ever feel like He's cheating on you with lots of other people even though you're devoted to Him?
Does He always expect you to change without ever changing Himself?
Do you ever feel like you deserve any pain He inflicts upon you?
Does He ever make you suffer and tell you it's for your own good?
Does He ever test your devotion to Him?
Do you ever think people who aren't in a relationship with Him are missing out on something wonderful, even though they seem just fine on their own?
Does he tend to treat women like shit?
Does he pick on people who are gay?
Does he have a really awful past?
Do you just like bad boys?
Do you like Him because He just makes you feel special, even if He doesn't always show it?
Are you always telling people about how amazing He is, while hiding all of his faults?
Does He ever stop you from doing the things you really want to do?
Do you ever repress your true feelings so you don't disappoint Him?
Do you know people who have done awful things because of Him?
Are you unhappy with Him but even more scared of life without Him?
Are you constantly told to just be patient with Him?
Has He ever hurt or killed someone just to prove a point?
Has He ever hurt or killed innocent bystanders? Babies?
Does He ask people who have very little to give up some of what they have, even though he has plenty already?
Do you ever get defensive when people criticize Him, even when they have a good point?
Do you always think He loves you even though He's never there for you when you need him the most?
Has He asked other people to sacrifice for Him without ever doing the same in return?
Do you ever wonder why He never comes back even when He says He will?
Do you freak out when other people talk shit about Him, as if they're gonna anger Him?
Do you worry about ending the relationship even though you know it's the right thing to do?
Do you really love Him or just the idea of Him?

Are you afraid to admit God is no different than an abusive boyfriend?

Dump him. It'll be okay.

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