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Published on Oct 22, 2018

Things take time… & that's ok! / Regardless of where you are in life, I hope that this video can bring you a little peace of mind -- stay patient but keep pushing forward -- you've got this! [ Pop open for project reflections & more! ↴ ]

☞ Before I begin, if you're new, Piquetures is an art channel meant to showcase my own way of looking at the world. If you have the time, I encourage you to view more of my videos to understand the nature of my "videoscapes!"


If you took the time to pop this open and actually read this, hi! I truly appreciate you.

This project was initially inspired by a 2017 time capsule video I watched by Nany Elle (https://youtu.be/JdY9HEmW_tc). By the time I'd watched her video, however, it was too late to make my own version, so I thought I'd save the idea to create a time capsule of the 23rd year of my life instead (to be released on my 24th birthday -- June 18 -- original title idea "me at twenty-three/me@23"). Well, I officially started the project back in May, and now we're into the last quarter of the year (and well past my birthday)... But I guess you can say I really took my own video's lesson to heart? Haha!

As all good projects go, the idea evolved rapidly. After exploring a few topics and speaking to many friends, I thought it would be more fitting to share one of the biggest lessons I've learned upon becoming an adult. Now, instead of showcasing my 23rd year, it tells the story of my life post-graduation to slightly before my 23rd birthday.

Thanks to technology and an ever-increasing world on information, we've become so accustomed to the idea of instant gratification. We're expected graduate school one day, and the next, become a successful multi-dollar-billionaire. But life doesn't work like that. So here's my little reminder to you that patience is your friend and that you can't fail unless you give up.

Love, Nomi.

Ps. I'm seeking fellow creatives who are interested in pushing the boundaries of audio-visual experiences to collaborate with! I'm willing to travel to make cool things! Writers, photographers, music producers, illustrators, (whatever skill you can bring, bring it!) etc etc. are all welcome but must be willing to commit to a project that may take a minimum of 2-3 months to create and may require 1-2 meetings a week to execute! ✨ piquetures@gmail.com



⌇timeline ~6 months

⌇inspiration & special thank you's

@byclairep - this video would not have become what it has if you had not taken the time help me settle on the theme "things take time" (http://bit.ly/2BZWkJs)

@msnancyelle - your dedication to your creative pursuits has been such an inspiration to me ever since I found your works last year. Thank you for being you and creating the things you do. (http://bit.ly/2y6zE6C)

@jillaffe - for always sticking with me through thick and thin! (http://bit.ly/2zYNl6y)

@scaredkrow - so thankful to have discovered your music and passion for the arts! (http://bit.ly/2DLOs0p)

@itsnomers- ever grateful for your encouragement with my creative pursuits (http://bit.ly/2QmEynn)

& to everyone who offered a post from instagram for that scene at 3:42
@itsami.h , @byclairep , @juliadelapalma , @heyerinb , @jooliemonster_ , @theseoulsearch

& extra honorable mentions for friends who were just there along the way, cheering me on…
Angela , Del (@yakurlts) , Clara (@huamulans/@chlahrah)

& all the music producers who allowed me to use their tracks to make this video possible!


0:03 If Only For A While - Kenai

0:14 ukulele - Louie Zong

0:38 & 2:42 I like, like you - Kenai

1:09 & 2:57 are you lost - park bird

2:13 The Lost Project File - Maestrex

3:19 cream and sugar - Louie Zong

4:31 the interstellar railway - Louie Zong

5:30 Im Stuck In A Mmorpg World - park bird


+ iPad Pro Tablet + Apple Pencil (digital drawing)
+ Procreate App (drawing software)
+ Adobe Illustrator Draw (drawing software for vectored art)
+ Astropad (iPad + computer dual monitor drawing software)
+ QuickTime (for screen recording)
+ Adobe Photoshop CC (photo manipulation and illustration touch-up's)
+ Adobe Character Animator CC (for easy puppet lip sync + blinking animation)
+ Adobe Premiere Pro CC (video editing)
+ Sony Alpha a5000 (video recordings for vlogs)
+ Audacity + Audio-Technica AT2020 USB (audio recording)

🖊 & Postcards (fun side channel) http://bit.ly/2zuRj7i
📸 http://instagram.com/piquetures
☁️ http://soundcloud.com/piquetures

My behind-the-scenes partner in crime ↴
Jill Peet/@jillaffe: https://bit.ly/2LSd72h


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