Pentagon Creates New Gun, Another Zombie Attack, Artificial Sweetner Disease & More!





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Published on Jul 16, 2012



  1. 100

    New Galaxies Found? Can You Get Floride Out of Your Water? Cali is Worst State?

  2. 101

    China Builds a Star-gate? Unicorns Discovered? A New Pineapple? Your TV Is Watching You?

  3. 102

    Hemp Cures Cancer? Black Hole Discovered? America On The Decline?

  4. 103

    No Insurance For Armageddon? Killer Robots Coming? Student Suspended For Not Using RIFD Chip?

  5. 104

    Bilderberg Secret Meeting? FEMA's New Secret? KRS ONE has a Disaster Kit?

  6. 105

    Government Is Watching You? What Foods Should We Have For Survival? Solar System Shifts?

  7. 106

    Inside The Music Industry (TIS Podcast)

  8. 107

    Obama Creates Sandy With HAARP? Over 10 UFO Sightings, Mothers Gives Baby Weed Breast Milk?

  9. 108

    9/11 Special (TIS Podcast)

  10. 109

    2012 a Hoax? Marijuana To Boost Economy? FEMA Ordering Box Cars?

  11. 110

    Food Riots Coming? U.S. Army Tests a Death Ray? Proof of Heaven?

  12. 111

    Gov Printing More Money? WW3 On The Way? Pyramids Found In Italy? Face Scans?

  13. 112

    Symbolism During Rihanna's VMA Performance? USA Warns Us Of Zombie Takeover? Facebook Tracking?

  14. 113

    Obama To Delay War? New UFO Sighting? Your Grandma Should Smoke Weed? Are You Awake?

  15. 114

    6 New GMO Crops, Tracking Chips Beings Used On Students, Russian Expert Predicts U.S. Martial Law

  16. 115

    Kendrick Lamar Says He Won't Vote & The President Doesn't Have Power w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  17. 116

    Obamacare to Enforce Microchips? 20 to Life For Weed? & Megadeth Speaks Out on Batman Shootings!

  18. 117

    Gov Preparing for Martial Law, All Presidents Are Relatives, Solar Storm Coming?

  19. 118

    Lupe Fiasco Talks Aliens, Presidential Power, Survival, Batman Shootings, & More w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  20. 119

    Conspiracy Behind The Dark Knight Shooter, New Pyramid Discovered In Ocean, Your Tatoos & More

  21. Pentagon Creates New Gun, Another Zombie Attack, Artificial Sweetner Disease & More!

  22. 121

    A Zombie Attacks In China, Wal-Mart Has an Army, Another Solar Flare & More

  23. 122

    Apathy Talks Aliens, Population Control, Illuminati, Nutrition and More w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  24. 123

    Another Zombie Attack, Cows Produce Human Breast Milk, RFID Chip, Twitter Gets Hacked & More

  25. 124

    Bilderberg Meets, Apple & Google Spy, The Moon Gets Tested & more w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  26. 125

    Chino XL Talks Armageddon, Mayan Calendar, Illuminati, 9/11, Ghosts, & more w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  27. 126

    Andrew WK Talks End of World, 9/11, Aliens, Religion, Elections & More w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  28. 127

    T-Mills Talks Lucid Dreaming, Seeing Ghosts and Raw Food Being Best For Us w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  29. 128

    Joe Budden Talks The End of The World & Hospitals Being A Scam w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  30. 129

    Jacob Latimore Talks About Having A Disater Kit & a World With No Money w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  31. 130

    Mike Bivins Says They Need To Make us Unhealthy To Make Money Off Of Answers w/ TRUTHISSCARY..com

  32. 131

    Lights talks Aliens, Illuminati, Occupy Wallstreet & 2012 w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  33. 132

    Papoose Talks HAARP Causing Earthquakes, Illuminati, Aids being Man Made & More w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  34. 133

    The Gallows Talks About Masons & Living In A Haunted House w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  35. 134

    Immortal Technique Talks Kony 2012, Trayvon, Illuminati, Aliens, End Of World w/ TRUTHISSCARY.COM

  36. 135

    Marianas Trench Talk About Living In A Haunted House, 9/11, Aliens & More w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  37. 136

    Joell Ortiz Says He Believes In Aliens But Not Illuminati & More w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  38. 137

    Anberlin talks 9/11, Illuminati, & JFK w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  39. 138

    MC Lars & Weerd Science Say We Are Part Aliens & Illumanti is Watching w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  40. 139

    Ionia Says We Are Slaves Until We Revolt & Illuminati Isn't Funny w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  41. 140

    Asking Alexandria talks Bin Laden Being Alive & Moon Landing Being Fake w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  42. 141

    Currensy Claims Weed Is An Unlocking Tool & Should Be Legal w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  43. 142

    The Ready Set Says Fast Food Restaurants Disguise Bad Food As Healthy w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  44. 143

    Blue October Talks About The Accountablity of 9/11 w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  45. 144

    Black Veil Brides Talk Aliens Existing & Say Killing Over Religion Is Scary w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  46. 145

    August Burns Red Says To Not Believe In Evolution Is Silly & Bin Laden is Dead w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  47. 146

    Tony Rock Questions Why Black People Only Get Sickle Cell & Space Station & More w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  48. 147

    We Came As Romans Say Moon Landing is Irrelevant & Talks Drugs w/ TRUTHISCARY.com

  49. 148

    Javier Colon Says an ALIEN INVASION is Possible! Also JFK, Survival Kit & More w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  50. 149

    Das Racist Claims Yakub Created the Devil Which is the White Man w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  51. 150

    Simple Plan Says Humans are More Than Our Bodies & No Proof Of Bin Laden Death w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  52. 151

    Pepper talks Monsanto's Patents, How Religion Controls People, & Illuminati w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  53. 152

    WWE's Rob Van Dam Talks Everything Marijuana w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  54. 153

    Styles P says Bush Rigged the Elections & he Explains the Benefits of Juicing w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  55. 154

    We The Kings says claiming 9/11 was an inside job would be hypocritical w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  56. 155

    D.R.U.G.S. Talk Quantum Physics, Illuminati Rumors & Evolution w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  57. 156

    Daniel Puder talks bullying, global warming, and Marijuana w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  58. 157

    Less Than Jake talks Illuminati controlling world & fake Moon landing w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  59. 158

    GO RADIO says if Bin Laden killing was fake, we would know w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  60. 159

    FarEast Movement says there is a conspiracy behind Bin Laden's Death & Nutrition w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  61. 160

    Architects say Illuminati influences Radio & the End of Days would be great! w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  62. 161

    The Game won't talk Illuminati & Says We Are All Going to Die in 2012 w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  63. 162

    Carlito says we may die in 2012 & that ghosts are a hoax w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  64. 163

    Phil Ade says he doesn't know what Illuminati is & artists use it for pub w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  65. 164

    Pierce the Veil talks Ghosts, Alien life, 9/11 and vegetarianism w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  66. 165

    Ray J & Dre Sinatra talk Chem Trails & 9/11 w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  67. 166

    Rob Van Dam talks New World Order, 911,JFK, Weed & more w/TRUTHISSCARY.com

  68. 167

    Dillinger Escape Plan talks earth being seeded by aliens & becoming a vegan w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  69. 168

    Chris Webby talks secret symbols in movies & being created by alien race theory w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  70. 169

    The Cab talks powerful Oil Companies & Area 51 w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  71. 170

    Young Chris talks about Hip-hop being targeted & accused of Illuminati w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  72. 171

    Of Mice & Men talks not stopping 2012 & Aliens are common sense w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  73. 172

    Brian Kendrick talks Bin Laden, 911 being a hologram, artificial moon (TRUTHISSCARY.com)

  74. 173

    Brian Kendrick talks Bin Laden, 911 being a hologram, moon being a space-station w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  75. 174

    Amon Amarth is shocked at USA having fluoride in water, talks NWO & 2012 w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  76. 175

    Eyes Set To Kill talk about seeing the Phoenix Lights, HAARP, 911 & Illuminati w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  77. 176

    The O.D.B. claims 2012 is a publicity stunt & that aliens aren't real w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  78. 177

    Emii gets freaked out by Illuminati question, & talks religion and finding truth (TRUTHISSCARY.COM)

  79. 178

    Vinnie Paz talks Chemtrails, HAARP, NWO, 2012, Obama, Bohemian Grove w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  80. 179

    Artist vs Poet claim Kurt Cobain was killed by Courtney Love w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  81. 180

    Fatman Scoop talks Biggie & Pac murders, Ghosts, Religion w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  82. 181

    Honky Tonk Man talks about legalizing Marijuana & 911 creating jobs w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  83. 182

    You Me At Six question man landing on the moon, Bush/Bin Laden, 911 and more w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  84. 183

    Big Sean claims Jay-Z & Kanye aren't in Illuminati, & talks Aliens, 2012, & more w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  85. 184

    Erika Eleniak thinks prostitution should be legal but is unsure of Marijuana w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  86. 185

    Talib Kweli talks Illuminati, 2012, Religion, God & more w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  87. 186

    Raven talks apocalypse, quantum physics, & dead birds w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  88. 187

    Be Aware!!! TRUTH IS SCARY (60 Sec Video)

  89. 188

    Mia St. John says food preservatives are bad & talks meditation & more w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  90. 189

    Sharknado's Ian Ziering goes on a rant about Big Oil Companies & BP oil spill

  91. 190

    Fred "The Hammer" Williamson talks ghosts, aliens, & 2012 w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  92. 191

    Lupe Fiasco talks end of the world & global water crisis w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  93. 192

    Jon B talks about the murder of Tupac, Aliens, and Religion w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  94. 193

    Frank Stallone talks about Aliens and the legalization of marijuana w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  95. 194

    Cyndi Harvell talks Marijuana Legalization, Origin of man, and Religion w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  96. 195

    Dj Vlad talks Illuminati, Aliens invading Earth & Marijuana Legalization w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  97. 196

    Amy Roloff talks TSA airport pat-downs & scans, BP Oil Spill, and Bullying w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  98. 197

    John Schneider talks Illuminati & Missing trade towers at NY, NY in Las Vegas w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

  99. 198

    Mick Foley talks TSA pat-downs & Scans w/ TRUTHISSCARY.com

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