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Published on Mar 21, 2008

The song 'Stranglehold' performed by Ted Nugent.


August 1st: 10,000 views

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DJ Choice
When I hear this song, I feel like I'm the guy walking into a party in slow motion cooler than a motherfucker.
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Cathy R
hell yeah dave chappele style.
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Mawana Kimble
WOW This brings me back to my smoking pot and drinking riding on main street.We use to have some good smoke then. I am 55 now...but still going!!!
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well you are missing out , because today herb is beyond next level compared to those days. especially hash oil.
Rusty Compton
Mawana Kimble and chick you keep keeping on. I'll quit when the lid is closed on my coffin. I'm 60 party on sister!!
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Ruben Clemente
The 772 people who gave this song a thumbs down need to be put in a Stranglehold!
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Cathy R
Me too.
Dave Nichols
Ruben Clemente your damn right about that! People today don't have a clue what good music is was or all about! Today's so called music or rap bullshit shouldn't be played at all! Just Saying! Stuck in the past where all the good music is and I'm staying there.
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Myke Commodore
this should be our national anthem
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raymond dufour
Been my anthem for years!
Cathy R
LOL, yes.
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Je-sus Jones
I'm only (insert age under 18) I hate the music of today. My favorite bands are (insert 60s and 70s rock bands). I wish i was born in (insert year before 1980) because I hate ( insert pop artists from 2000 and later) so much.  Sidenote:pop has 3 letters, illuminati confirmed.
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jim manners
nobody fucks with Dejesus man
Anthony Johnson
Je-sus Jones so very true!
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Mike Cisarik
here for the music. don't give a fuck about Ted or his views. this song rocks
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James Cox
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C. Schmidt
Awesome song.....They don't even come near to making Rock & Roll Music like this today....
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Cathy R
Rusty, "Hey Baby" is good too, so is 'Cat Scratch Fever", because I said so. LOL.
Cathy R LOL, troll alert
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Mark Griffiths
You'll want to turn your speakers up now.
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The Real 2nd Earl of Rochester
No... They looked better the other way.
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To all the Ted Nugent bashers, fuck you and the horse you rode in on..
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Cathy R
Brandon...Hurry, usher them into a safe room with stuffed animals, coloring books, crayons and milk and cookies. LOL
Brandon Evans
You all should be ashamed. There were millions who just called the suicide hotline with hurt feelings,lol
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I don't care what your beliefs are. I don't care if you love Nugent's point of view or if you hate it with a passion. The music itself is why you should be here rather than crying politics. If you want to support/condemn his views go do it on a video where he's discussing politics. Meanwhile shut up over here and enjoy the music.
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If I cared about views I wouldn't listen to almost anybody...MOST rock musicians are hippie assholes
Christopher Schwarz do the world a favor and stop breathing you ignorant wretch
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