Barack Obama Singing Born This Way by Lady Gaga





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Published on Jan 10, 2012

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Barack Obama was born this way.

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Video content from whitehouse.gov public domain.
Audio content is an instrumental of Born This Way by Lady Gaga.

president barack obama born this way dub parody singing autotune Lady Gaga "Lady Gaga" "Born This Way" "barack obama"

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Obama wears lipstick. It's official.
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Cat M.
+Ragga Meow he doesn't have hair 😂
Sof Xx
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Queen Af
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NintenLucy _
Yoongi's Lawyer
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Luis Coronado
+barackdubs What would you do if Obama spoke about your videos and told the whole nation to watch them?
View all 10 replies
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I want Obama to be the president forever 😂😂
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Lyric Lillian
AutumnIsNotTrash SAME
A.MuzeM Blackwell
When they were calling him names, I spammed he was "King Barry" until I said so. (It's a masonic joke) I was raised in the same Roman Catholic franchise as Lady Ga-Ga, so it went there. Pope Francis is a Marian Jesuit...because it's time to boost WOMANHOOD. As it turns out, fighting womanhood... this war on women.. The Obama family was the SOLUTION, Drumpf is the problem. Manhood's market value is tanking all over the world. @GOP is so over, but it just won't die without taking a buttload of talent with it. I've never seen such selfishness and we'd better get this clown where he belongs or ..... He'll spend his next four years knowing he's been the SOURCE of this BS all along. Tech support knows stuff. We've been troubleshooting all over the world for decades now. Jubilee concept is above his paygrade, but the Pope is on the ball.. talk about somebody with 99 problems... jerks shouldn't step on the Pope's toes. IJS.. Don't fool with MOTHER Nature. This Pope is on OUR side, but he has kids like me (over 50) calling ourselves Catholic graduates instead of refugees. You have to remove yourself from the equation and it's all Tron/Tron Legacy for me after that. Back in the day, we used to say.. "We HAAAAAVE Comprehension". Well they HAVE comprehension in the formerly known as GOP... , just not the nads to admit defeat. yay God for me.. and we the huddled masses agree..  adulting is for chumps
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He should sing "Roar"
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+Lucent Lux Listen "Honey" I'm not doing the exact same thing. I posted that 5-6 months ago, YOU posted that comment 2-3 hours ago. Learn time differences son.
Lucent Lux
+Shilvanic01114 You're doing the exact same thing by quoting me. There are notifications honey. 
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Alex TK
#obamaswag should be the thing of 2k16 who agrees
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Alex TK patrick omg
Alex TK
haha yeah I know who Margot Robbie is. she bloody slays
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myrium herandez
I wonder what Barack would say if he saw this LoLZZZZzZZZZzZZzzz
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Jino Lim
+Cooked NoodlesMC u thougth ppl werre lying vroken keyboad help
+Barrack Obama why did you like a video about periods? XD
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Patrick 'Honest Blogger' Allen Main Channel
Ok somebody from the whitehouse must be behind this channel..kick ass propaganda
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+Mikail Kaya He's probably the one who's making these videos instead of leading the country.
Doctor Zoidberg
It would be funny of someone showed this to Obama
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Gannon Kolding
I'm curious if the President has ever seen this channel - and if he has, what his reaction was.
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That is a good question!
no XD but he did .trust me even the owner of this channel says it 
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Omg do wiggle by jason derulo hahaha
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