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Published on Aug 18, 2012

Shake It Up, Season 2, Episode 28, "Made In Japan", originally aired 8/17/2012 on the Disney Channel

Thank you anons for spreading this across 4chan, reddit, and numerous news sites. I have also received word that many have sent emails to the legendary Richard Stallman himself for his wise opinion on this dire situation. Epic lawsuits are possibly in order. Continue bringing out your pitchforks and spreading the word!

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Man 0 all Js
I don't think the writers even know what open source means. I suppose they're gonna build a GUI interface to get rid of it too?
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Unidorsal Icosahedron
+Man 0 all Js No, but they're being told it's something it's not and it's probably the first time these kids even learn about the term, and I don't think kids at that age are wise enough to question authority, which means this "authority" will define how these kids see this term. The way i see it, Disney is trying to delude these unknowing 6-year-olds into becoming the consumerist slaves of tomorrow, and that's scary.
Man 0 all Js
You're scared that 6 year-old girls don't know what open-source software is?
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That Sweet Lil Thing
"Hiding viruses" in "open source" code. Right.
Fucking liers open source is more secure than the privative software.
Disney is a trademark. And as any brand, encourages consumerism (disney, aesthetics, product form of life...) So why are we surprised that a consumer channel encouraged consumption? Open Source and everything that is "free", "shared" or simply not pay licensing is bad for a consumer channel. So we educate children, not let the boob to make them more consumer-oriented.
That's... that's not how it works.
Fuck open source and fuck you obese unwashed linux users. A normal human uses Apple or Windows products.
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Nermal Cat
+Zareisha A normal human uses Windows or in rare cases Linux, most Mac users are idiots who only care about "looks", like the target audience of Dismal's tweencoms.
+Zareisha the apple and windows is the justin bieber and one direction of the OS.
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Patetico.. y mas usando críos y esos programas para difundir esas patrañas.
The kid is saying "open source-code", not "open-source code", right? I think he's referring to shady, publicly-available source code rather than free software. Disney isn't distributing propganda or trying to indoctrinate children; "open" was simply bad word choice. The character is talking about downloading strange code (e.g. wgeting a shell script or random pastebin code and blindly running it), not trying to defame free software. The misconception that free software contains malicious code is absurd, but blindly trusting any software (free or nonfree) can cause security issues. Free software is not inherently secure; consider the recent security issues in Bash and OpenSSL. Don't get me wrong: those bugs were accidents, and accidents happen. It just bothers me that large groups of people blindly trust code like Bash and OpenSSL essentially because of Linus's Law -- a demonstrably bullshit hypothesis by a demonstrably insane person.
Jajaja ese mini bill gates.
You know, I already hated this show, and now I really hate it! Open source code is far better than closed source code! Look at Linux! Any intelligent person can tell the Linux is far better than Windows or Mac!
Nermal Cat
+MrJ505 Shut up
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