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Published on May 1, 2014

Symantec has become an online testing and personalization powerhouse, executing hundreds of concurrent tests and targeting initiatives through the Ensighten open marketing platform. https://www.ensighten.com/products/op...

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In this video Symantec & Ensighten discuss advanced optimization tactics that have been implemented at Symantec, such as real-time predictive modeling, geo-location data enrichment, data layer development and usage, and more. They also share strategies and best practices for driving data-centric marketing, empowering data scientists and establishing an enterprise-level testing practice.

Our next presenters are really near and dear to my heart. We're going to have Peter McRae coming up here in a minute, from Symantec. And I was at Symantec for a year and a half and I've seen first-hand the awesomization, as I'd like to call it, of things that were going on with Ensighten at Symantec. I mean, literally. The millions and millions of dollars that Ensighten helped Symantec make is just mind-blowing, which is one of the reasons why I'm here today because of seeing first-hand what happened over there. So it's great stuff.

They're going to come up and they're going to talk about some of the advanced optimization tactics and the real-time predicted modeling. They're going to talk about geo-location data enrichment and also data layered development and other usage in different things. And so ladies and gentlemen, we're going to have Peter McRae come up and we're also going to have James Niehaus.

James Niehaus is our VP of Analytics. He was at Symantec at the time and now he is with Ensighten. They both have deep insight into the amazing things that were going on at Symantec. So ladies and gentlemen, let's give a big round of applause, a big Agility welcome to Peter McRae and Mr. James Niehaus.

Good morning everyone. So I joined Ensighten in July. But prior to that, Peter and myself spent the last three years at Symantec really building up the optimization program from the ground up. And it was a really amazing experience that I'm happy to have been part of and graduated from. And really, just to kind of talk through that briefly at a high level, the stars really aligned for us. In terms of having the right people in place, the right technologies, the right opportunity, and more importantly than anything, there was just a huge demand within the organization to grow the optimization capability within the organization. So that's what I'm going to talk about today is the capabilities of optimization that we kind of helped enabled for the Symantec organization. And really, well this is a great ending to that story.

It began similar to most of your stories, which are enterprises in general struggling with data and technology. We all recognize the value it brings to the organization, at the same time it's not really something we can access readily, and over time it almost becomes a liability. I mean, early on in my Symantec career, if certain projects required technologies or data that I couldn't have ready access to, I would kill the project because I knew it was dead on arrival. So what I'm going to share with you today is not a repeat of the optimization story that we have but really because it is such a focused audience at Ensighten practitioners today, we're going to actually pull the curtain back and really talk about how we kind of went from zero to sixty and sort of enabled the capabilities that we're going to describe one by one for you today.

So the best person to describe that really is Peter McRae. He was there with me from the beginning, and really was the architect all the way through. And he's going to walk you through that journey and the good and the bad of that story. So with that, I'm just going to hand you over to Peter and he'll take it away.

All right, thank you James, and before I get started I wanted to thank Josh for demoing some of the new technologies that are coming out. That was the first time I'd seen Ensighten’s Inform Product and I want that yesterday. So our digital marketing journey really began when Symantec decided to bring our consumer E-commerce platform in-house. And when we did that, we decided that we were going to do it globally. When you look at all the combinations of geographies, currencies, and languages that we needed to support, from day one, we were pretty much managing 50 sites, and obviously this was a big strategic decision for the company.

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