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Published on Aug 8, 2012

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Comments • 42,172

Cassandra Margets
I don't think Ponytail realizes how hard it is to swim Butterfly in a bikini vs. a one piece racing suit.
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Gamma Rae
I tried it (because sometimes I want to swim but I don't do it enough to spend the money for a racing suit). It is VERY difficult...
Katie Nichols
Cassandra Margets NO JOKE, I can't even jump in the pool with a bikini on! Those swimsuits are so tight too, they almost cut off circulation!
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If he doesn't want genders looking like other genders he should loose the fucking ponytail 
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Mauricio Rossi
Clashes of desire and old melodrama.
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Kagney Zimmer
What's that 12 year old boy doing here? About to win a gold metal.....motherf***
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Robot On Ice
avocados are my hoes the person who's comment I replied to has the same profile picture as my 11yr old brother..tbh I can't remember why I said that at the time... :/
avocados are my hoes
Izzy S what??
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Sofia Loveland
He's just pissed because his moobs are so big he has to wear a bra.
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Emilie Natalie
Sofia Loveland 😂😂😂 Exactly he's just some fat out of shape guy who has no chance whatsoever of even competing in the Olympics. These women are amazing and extremely physically fit and have to train extremely hard and long hours to complete in the Olympics.
Lord Moron
Best comment ever! 😂😂😂
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I'm Turkish and this fucking guy is a dickhead. He is a terrible excuse for a Turkish person.
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Sofia Becker
Bitch no, he is a goddamn terrible excuse for a human, period.
gizem unver
I agree he realy is a terrible excuse for a turkish person!
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Anna Marie
What an idiot... women join the Olympics to live their dreams of competing and winning a fucking gold medal... not to look like a pretty doll for Mr ponytail.
^^^ 🙌
Valerie Vivian
Let me tell you a story fucknuts You wake up, moaning as usual as you get out of bed at the unholy hour of six am. You throw on your bra and glance at the timetable for the day, starting to grab your school uniform from the closet. You blink. You see something that makes your life very uncomfortable. 'P.E.'. Oh, you're alright at sports, you've been learning Taekwondo for years, but you forgot to wear a sports bra today. You look down at your bra, a reasonably sturdy one that gives you a very nice curve and jump on the spot a little. Eh, it'll hold. So you throw on your P.E. shirt and the rest of your uniform, grab your bag and head out. Now during P.E. your teacher gives your class the bane of every non-sports bra wearing girl: six rounds running around the school. You get on with it, starting at a brisk walk and slowly getting faster. Suddenly, pain shoots through your chest! You've been shot, you know it, and you instinctively press a hand to where the pain originated, expecting to feel blood. Nope. Just your perfectly white P.E. shirt. Your fucking bra did jack shit and now your boobs are about to rip off your chest. You run a little more, conscious of how while you are in an all-girls school there are plenty of male teachers and staff around, but eventually, the pain gets too much - even your goddamn nipples are feeling it. "Oh fuck this." You cross your arms just under and over your chest and keep running, thankful for the relief. You vow to always wear a sports bra whenever you're doing anything remotely active in future. And the next time that annoying little shit in Taekwondo calls you titless you'll kick his ass because you do have boobs, very nice ones in fact, but they don't exist for his viewing pleasure and you'd like to attach a couple of lead weights to his nipples and see how he fares during a run.
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Stephanie Palacios
Timothy Thomas Your comment doesn't make any fucking sense. Learn some reading comprehension. Here, I'll walk you through it. Put your thinking cap on. I know it's dusty, but just do it. When did the op say she hates doing sports? When? She just hates doing sports without a proper sports bra, which is perfectly acceptable. And your little story of being fat in the past is different from fucking boobs, know why? Because, as opposed to your obesity, one can not just simply shed off her tits by force of "will" and "wanting to be better". 'Cause, you know. That's not how the human body works? Crazy.
Billy Sparks
PSA!!! PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!! Not all of us guys are assholes like Timothy, and I feel like the people like him are a true embarrassment to the majority of males who are actually sensitive and caring, and Timmy can just fuck off and go back to his moms basement where he probably lives. Thank you for your time. 😊
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4 years ago exactly and it's still RELEVENT
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Stratiatella Meow
Rosita Nu what? an empty comment? really
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If a woman wants to play a sport, and it's easier when her boobs are contained, that doesn't mean she's suppressing her femininity! Even men are expected to have their junk restrained to get through the water! And even if she wanted to suppress her femininity, who are you to stop her ?
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+A_Little_Me Ah ok, sorry bout that. Sometimes it's hard to tell if someone is trying to correct you, or if they're just elaborating on a shared opinion. But yeah, this dude shouldn't be telling women what to do with their breasts. 
+Kathryn94 hmm. Dont think so. I was agreeing with you. If men wants to supress their masculinity they should be free to do so too without judgement.
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Becca Chaplin
I don't understand how when a girl has small boobs or is wearing a sports bra, she is called 'titless' or 'not feminine'. BOOBS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH FEMININITY. Boobs are lumps of fat on your chest, they are nothing special. And, when a girl does have big boobs she is called a slut and when a girl has had plastic surgery in the hopes of looking more attractive everyone hates it because it's fake. Women can never win with their boobs, people always find things about your body to complain about. Also, sports bras are like our saviors. They help us not to get chest pains or back ache when we run, they help us with not having to have boobs bouncing around in our faces during exercise. Sports bras are kinda like crotch pads - they protect the essential area and make exercise easier.
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Devon Bragunier
John Smith she was just meaning to say they aren't something that determines your femininity (like by how big they are)
+BeccaLouise_x Like I said there's nothing wrong with having small boobs I was just stating the point that in most cases it's about personal taste. I personally aim towards the bigger hips and other features but that's just my personal approach if u know what I mean :)
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