Webinar 2012: Doomsday or Enlightenment Day?





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Published on Sep 23, 2012

The milestone of 2012 has attracted worldwide attention and speculation as the fateful date approaches. Imaginings have run wild, predicting global disasters ranging from uncontrollable weather to asteroid collisions. All humanity expects some enormous change, perhaps for the worse. Today, Paramahamsa Nithyananda presents the truth about the 2012 shift, which is a shift of consciousness rather than a geologic or climatic event. For those who are unprepared it may indeed feel disastrous, but there is an easily grasped solution. Nithyananda presents a meditation which will facilitate humanity's leap into super-consciousness.

Today's subject : 2012 - Doomsday or Enlightenment Day? Its a question. To give answer I will just add one word -- that is the answer for this question. I will add the word `either'. That's all. Either Doomsday or Enlightenment Day. It is your responsibility to make it as Enlightenment day or doomsday. Understand, let me share with you some of the most common speculations, beliefs and predictions on 2012.

The Mayans calendar to the year 2012 remains uncertain along with other enigmatic predictions left behind by prophets through the ages. Most classic Mayan inscriptions are strictly historical prophetic declarations based on subjective interpretations. Please understand, Mayans calendar actually ends in 2012. That does not mean planet earth is going to end. It is going to enter into the new consciousness. Whoever can't jump into that new consciousness, it's a doomsday for them. Whoever can take a quantum jump into that new consciousness it's a enlightenment day for them.

The 2012 phenomena comprises a range of beliefs and proposals; if you go to the internet and just click, type 2012, God! the material opens up! But I wanted you to know there is going to be a huge change, end of 2012 it is up to you whether you are going to use that change for your transformation and make 2012 as enlightenment day or you are just going to have a doomsday. It is up to you.

It is like when the television came, going to the theatre got outdated. When the internet came television is slowly getting outdated. With the updation old things get out of our life. Same way, in the 2012, the possibility of living without mind, just with pure consciousness is opening up. It is up to you; are you going to get into that space and make your life enlightened or are you going to live with that old same system with that mind and destroy yourself.

Drastically the number of thoughts necessary to run your life is going to drop. If you prepare yourself now itself to live with less number of thoughts you will use this natural current to get enlightened.

It is almost like a; enlightenment is handed over house to house to every one of you, freely. It is no more a currency. Till 2011, enlightenment is more like a currency. Only few people have it. In 2012, enlightenment is going to be like a newspaper which will be handed over, delivered in every house. But even newspaper will be useless if you are uneducated. Can't read.

Atleast you should prepare yourself to the level of able to read. So 2012 is an amazing opportunity for every being who is awakened to his basic self of body, mind and logic. it is time every one of you learn uNclutching, learn to be comfortable with less number of thoughts, learn to get settled with the deep silence and restful awareness and peace. Please understand, it is very difficult to get settled with your restful awareness. You always brand your restful awareness as a sadness.

Unfortunately, from the young age, you are conditioned, your engrams teaches you less thought means sadness, sorrow, morose. No. it is time you drop those patterns, get rid of those engrams, learn to understand to feel settled with the restful awareness, feel comfortable with your inner space, with your inner being. Especially the December from 12-12-12 to January 2nd, that is the reason, exactly on those days, I kept the InnerAwakening meditation workshop. That is the time the tipping point is going to happen. The shift in the consciousness is going to happen. Now itself prepare yourself to live with less number of thoughts. This Nirahara samyama, all the different samyamas, meditation processes I am sharing with the whole world, everything is aiming at preparing yourself to be comfortable with your restful awareness.

The moment I utter the word 2012, I feel like instead of me talking, if I can lead you all into the silence of uNclutching I will be helping you guys much better way. I will talk just to give introduction to what I want to say and inspire you for what you need to do. Otherwise, really I don't feel like talking; I only feel like revealing the truths.

The first revelation, whether you want or not, the number of your thoughts is going to drastically drop from 12-12-12. If you want to use that opportunity to get enlightened, get comfortable now itself to live with reduced number of thoughts.


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