Sarah Palin Can't Name Any Founding Fathers!





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Published on Jan 14, 2010

You know, it's not that I like writing about Sarah Palin. I don't. As I've said before, I find her boring, and when she eventually disappears from public life — or is forced out by the fickle nature of America's attention span — we'll look back on her silly popularity with a collective disgust, the same way we think about, oh, say, George Wallace.

That said, this is a funny time politics blog, so, ugh, below is a clip of Sarah Palin freezing like a startled Real American when asked — by hardballin' journo-crier Glenn Beck — to name her favorite founding father. The terror in her eyes reaches through the screen, and begs you (ANYONE) to please get me away from the lights and the cameras and the mean ol' questions folks are always askin'. But, oh lord, if people don't look at me then I'll cease to exist, exactly like in one of them gay Hollywood movies (probably).

So, anyway, when asked to name her favorite founding father, Palin goes feral and responds, "all of them." Ugh. Yeah. "All of them" are MY favorite too. What a great, informative answer! Oh, that's so interesting that you like all of the founding fathers. Equally. Wow, that's a great answer. "All of them" is also my favorite Stanley Kubrick film.

Then, oh god, she says, "George Washington," and she really could not be more thrilled with herself. She likes him the best, because — and I quote — "he was their leader." Bingo! That's also the same reason Leonardo was my favorite Ninja Turtle.

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Wanetta Renay
if they ever shoot a DUMB AND DUMBER 3, I think i know who can star in it
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I am totally embarrassed that people all over the world can hear what this dummy has to say.  She shames my country.
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Ean Bruette
Why the fuck is Beck whispering like he's trying to seduce her?!? Somebody bash him in the face with a brick!
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have trouble sleeping? difficulty falling asleep. try Palin, the new sleep aid that will put you to sleep and let you stay asleep through the night. side effects are nausea, vomiting, possible nightmares, sensitivity to shrill noises, loss of cognitive and motor skills, and uncontrollable laughter. available at all the lame stream conservative channels. sleep is within the sound of her voice !
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One must really envy Sarah Palin for being able to get through life without the least hint of burdensome intellect.
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Rachel Murphy
I'm a thirteen year old girl in Ireland who has no ties to America and I can name them all
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Sarah Palin makes the rock on my porch look smart.
Sam B
She's giving out beauty pageant answers!!
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Aden B
Glen Beck is NUTS and Palin is an IDIOT.
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McCain was desperate when he picked Palin. He lost, and would have lost BIGGER without her. He's a boring old puppet, and she's a "rogue" monster that quickly took over the lab. Palin is in business for Palin. She doesn't give a damn about this country. She wants to get what she can get for HERSELF, da hell with everyone else. Functionally retarded, still shifty and sly as a fox. A liar and a cheat, a charlatan and an anarchist.  The bottom line is still that Republicans HATE Obama more than they care about the American People. They would prefer seeing thousands die needlessly WITHOUT health care than allow Obama the credit for IMPROVING the system.
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