How to Root - Kindle Fire 6.2.2 BurritoRoot3





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Uploaded on Jan 28, 2012

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***NOTICE if your on software version 6.3 use the link below to go to my new video

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This proccess can be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. I am not responsible for anything happening to your device after watching this video.


Nothing shows up when I type adb devices, what can I do?

First, reboot ur kindle and computer and try installing the driver again, following the same procedure. Ive heard reports that reinstalling the driver multiple times has worked.
Second, if it still wont work, go to the video linked below and try installing the driver manually following that procedure.
Third, if that doesnt work, then there might be something wrong with your computer or kindle setup. If you did everything else right, then it should be working. So either try on a different computer, or try factory resetting your kindle (*This has been reported to work on a few kindles, but is ENTIRELY your decision*)

Advice from Others:
" what might be of useful info to others is that after you uninstall the drivers, disconnect your Kindle and remount it, then reinstall the drivers. That's how it ended up working for me."

"Unplug your kindle Go into Device Manager and Unistall the driver. After that, I log off and log back on again. Keep installing the driver from the Kindle utility folder you extracted."

I get an error when trying to install the driver from the kindle fire utility, what can I do?
go to my video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KapnjR... and install the driver manually

I cant find my kindle or "other devices" in device manager, what can I do?
unplug and replug your kindle, then right click any device in the list and select "scan for hardware changes". If its still not in other devices, then your computer installed an incorrect driver. Find wherever the kindle is listed, uninstall that driver and install the correct driver. If your computer keeps installing the wrong driver automatically, google how to stop windows from automatically installing drivers

How do I unroot?
(Thanks Knopv01!) Now it works. Unrooting does not work with the BurritoRoot for me, but I intalled Voodoo OTA from the Android Market and after rebooting, it works like a charm. Can unroot and stream Amazon movies.

My kindle is stuck at the firefirefire screen, what do I do?
First, go to device manager and install the driver again if your kindle is under other devices, then click start, type cmd, press enter. type the following commands (this is assuming u have the kindleadb folder in place on C drive)
cd c:\kindleadb
adb shell
idme bootmode 4000


Kindle Fire Utility (get the current release)

KindleADB.zip (press free download button)

Guide with Commands and BurritoRoot3.apk

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