"Braveheart" and FREEDOM!





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Published on Dec 23, 2009

I get the strong impression that Mr M Gibson has something against the English. Anyway, for worse, many people have learned their history from watching dross like "Braveheart", and they should be reminded or if necessary just plain told that Hollywood and history are strangers to each other.

The point I am making in this video is a much wider one, however. People can be duped into thinking that they are fighting for their own freedom, when they are doing nothing of the sort. Notions of patriotism and largely arbitrary group identity can be exploited by leaders for their own purposes.


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Paul Pardee
Lindybeige? More like Windybeige, amiright?
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Daniel Evans
Mac Mcleod
Lend Hoses? eh? What's all this about leiderhosen?
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Tom Ryder
Yeens Beans
Historically speaking, yes i do believe captains would have a hard time hearing due to copious amounts of cannon fire.
I would love to watch you complain about Braveheart for an hour. Just saying.
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A channel called "History Buffs" already did that.
Ned Gold
HaeravonFAQs Me too. Inside preferably.
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Nicolas De Raedt
I don't get hollywood. History is filled with the most dramatic high-stakes intrigues yet they always boil it down to: 'incredibly exagerated heroe is the only one who can save this friendly lot from that bad lot and guess what? He'll succeed... Such a waste of source material.
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There's times when they take a hundred people and condense them down into one character, and then there's times when they compress a hundred characters down to the same bland hero. The first is a fine contrivance for film, the second is more a matter of script writers not knowing how to actually construct a character so much as copy the same one they wrote last time. Most people fall prey to that when they try to write. If you bother to learn a damn thing about the world then you end up paralyzed trying to actually capture all of the nuance and detail. If you just read up on it for a single afternoon and think to yourself "yes, my hero from the last script would look really manly in those clothes," then you can churn out scripts in bulk to actually stand a chance in the numbers game that is getting anybody to actually make a movie out of it.
Nicolas De Raedt
+Golkarian Damn, that's up to the writers. I don't mind a little bit of changes to make things work, but dumbing down is so wrong. At not paying attention to costumes is a no no for me. Imagine if, in pride and predudice everyone wore 1930s clothing. Everyone would get upset about that, but a scot in a kilt and with the facepainting at the same time, no problem.
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Coos Oorlog
I liked the part with the wind
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stevie the cat
Evil Ash
Transcript looks like this: I'm...talk....brave....and...is...might...historic...funbags...element...wrong...important....saying...place.
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America likes the idea that all past societies were part a slow progress toward America and everyone in the past had a concept of and desire for freedom. 
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Robbie carter
+Walter Grigat Which Republican said "America invented freedom"? 
Walter Grigat
+Robbie carter Well, I wouldn't say it's commonly known. There are many who don't know it. (republicans)
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Btw: the butthurt is strong in this one, about the English being the badies all the time :D How do you think we Germans must feel?
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ha-ha yeah, I was playing Battlefield One a few months ago and it still manages to make Germans seem like fanatics even though it was WW1 which was essentially a regular politically driven war just cranked up to 11. I think there is one scene in the prologue where the Harlem Hellfighter guy and the German guy stare each other down. That's the only humanizing scene they get that I can remember.
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"Brothers and sisters are natural enemies. Just like Englishmen and Scots. Or Welshmen and Scots. Or Irishmen and Scots. Or Japanese and Scots! Or Scots and Scots! Damn Scots! They ruined Scotland!" I just thought that was appropriate for some reason.
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Mr ward
Braveheart We have beef with ya you little scot with your ulster plantations and taking the kilt as if it was yours or taking the bagpipes as yours ggrrr love the scots but damn it !!!
indeed Scots fight Scots was common in them times
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Josh Adams
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Skyrim belongs to the Orcs! (Because they are stronger and got beautiful teeth)
Technically, the Nord imperial soldiers also say "FREEDOM OR SOVNGARDE!" It's not exactly a political statement.
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Matthew Campbell
I'm pretty sure Gibson either has something against the Brits or he just really likes the idea of rebelling against people with British accents.
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Angus H
+ADADEL1 To be fair, I don't think the Rocky films were meant to pander to audiences. I think it was to show an underdog who, time and again, shows that he can rise through the ranks. It makes for a feel-good film, and seeing as Sly Stallone wrote the first one... I don't think he thought about those things. For the sequels, however... I'm not sure.
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