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Uploaded on Aug 2, 2010

Now, I don't know about you guys, but I definitely feel that Grandmaster Galaxy's The Perfect Run was way too easy. In my infinite wisdom, I therefore decided to make it harder! This is what happens when you leave me in charge of level design...

Using a hex editor and a small GUI editor from Chadderz, I completely redesigned all of the Grandmaster Galaxy sections, enemies, powerups, you name it. I even altered the text Rosalina says upon talking to her at the end. The result... is what you see here. I call it Grandmaster Galaxy's "Master Quest", which is, of course, a play of The Legend of Zelda's Ocarina of Time Master Quest. I think it lives up to its name.

I lost count of how many tries it took to get this run completely right and walk away both in one piece, and with a star for my troubles. The new Hammer Bros section is particularly evil, and it took a long while to develop a reasonably reliable strategy for it. As most people will, I skip most of Section 4 using clouds. However, if you notice, in Rosa's section... once again there is a star floating in the air, way out of reach, like my star 243 video. You can guess what that means. No, I haven't managed to earn that mid-air star yet, you can be certain I'll upload a video if I do :P Anyways, anyone going for that star won't be able to skip sections at random with clouds.

So, if you're interested in throwing yourself headfirst into this monstrousity... here are the links you need. You'll need at least 241 stars, 242 is better. You need to be running Riivolution for this to work. Just get any of the downloads that you wish, extract the contents of the ZIP onto the root of your SD card, and enjoy. Make sure Grandmaster's The Perfect Run is set to Master Quest. Also included as freebies are the Star 243 challenge (see my previous video) and a random Green Star that I was using as a test in Bowser Jr's Fearsome Fleet. Obtaining all these stars will get you a grand total of 246 ;)

Version 1: Contains the music used here but is large in file size:
Mirror: http://www.4shared.com/file/tIwYiG88/...

Version 2: Just the level on its own, no custom music, much smaller file size:
Mirror: http://www.4shared.com/file/I_CCTbhw/...

Here's a breakdown of the sections and my opinion on the modifications.

Section 1: This was definitely the section that got the greatest amount of thought by me and where I was feeling particularly creative. I had always planned that you would need to kill Yoshi at one point to advance, and that star bit preservation would be important for detonating unpassable mines in section 5.

Section 2: Well, there's not a lot you can do here given the resources available, but I did make a rather annoying puzzle out of the switches. There's an interesting glitch that you'll see that causes, seemingly at random, switches to not trigger when you pass over them twice. I'll let that one slide, though, because it generally saves time, and doing this section repeatedly can be tedious :P

Section 3: Ah, the joys of reorganising electric fences. My goal was simple: Make it as awkward as possible to navigate them, and make users use up lots of their clouds. I'd say I succeeded.

Section 4: Yeah, as you might be able to tell, most of the objects here are just scattered at random, but honestly, that works quite well. It's a confusing layout. There is some method to my madness in some places, though... but not many.

Section 5: This was the section that got the least attention from me, and it shows. Reorganising electric fences is painful, so I didn't do it. However, I positioned mines and pull stars very inconveniently all over the place. Certainly, the challenge is here :P

Section 6: Now, I had fun here. It took a long time to track down all the routes that the Hammer Bros and Boomerang Bros followed, but once I got them... I created quite the team of acrobats. They look terrifying the first time you approach them, and frankly, terror is not misplaced; these bastards are evil. And so am I.

Section 7: Easy enough. Just took the same file I used in Star 243 and moved the custom star higher, then changed all IDs. It works exactly as expected, which is beautiful :P

As before, mousing over any new star will freeze, so it's recommended to use the d-pad to select stars. Also, adding more stars to Grandmaster causes odd star organisation, but it doesn't really affect anything.

So, enjoy the level, and the video! Many thanks for Chadderz for the small GUI editor, and for pointing out the obvious to me several times ;)


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