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Published on Nov 18, 2010

Hey guys!!

Well, I didn't write My Little Phoenix tonight... so it will be up tomorrow!

I'm glad you're liking this story already!!


Ch. 02: Australia


-at night-

Demi: uncle Joe.. you seem sad! Why? [holds his hand]
Joe: nothing honey...
Demi: [puppy dog face] tell me!
Joe: I just fought with my girlfriend... [lies]
Demi: ohh... you have a girlfriend? [pouts]
Joe: [nods]
Demi: but you can't! You won't have time to play with me anymore!
Joe: [chuckles] of course I will darling, don't worry, you'll always be my favorite niece!
Demi: I hope so! [still pouting]
Joe: come here spoiled little girl! [tickles her]
Demi: [laughing hard] stop uncle Joe!!

...after a while...

Kevin: it's good to see everyone here, I need to tell you something! [smiles] I got a scholarship for the best university in Australia, so I'm leaving next semester!
Denise: but that's awesome son! [hugs him]
Demi: [confused] you're moving?
Danielle: we are honey, you're coming with us...
Demi: what about uncle Joe?
Joe: I'm staying here... but I'll promise to visit! [smiles weakly]
Demi: [starts crying] NO!!! I wanna stay here with uncle Joe!!
Kevin: [gets jealous cause Demi seemed to like Joe more than him] Enough Demetria, you're coming with us and that's final!
Demi: [scared she runs to Joe and hugs him tight]
Joe: calm down baby... everything will be fine!


Kevin: Take care Joe... and please behave and help our parents with Nick okay?
Joe: [nods] be happy bro! And please send us news... specially about Demi... I'm sad about not seeing her grow up, so please I want pictures of everything okay?
Kevin: sure...
Danielle: You and Demi have such a great connection... it's adorable!
Joe: [smiles and turns to Demi] bye bye little girl!
Demi: [mad] you don't want me here... I never want to see you again!
Joe: [teary eyes] don't say that Demi... I love you! When you grow up you'll understand why this happened! Just give me a hug?
Demi: [hugs him tight] bye uncle Joe!

*end of flashback*

-back to Joe's POV-

So, that's what happened... now Kevin and Dani are coming back home, he took his degrees years ago and started working there, but now they are opening a company here in the US and Kevin is going to be the CEO... It's been 12 years since I last saw them, they didn't have time to visit and I couldn't go either...
Demi must be a big girl now, she's 16... I regret not being able to see her grow up, but at least they're coming back!



Well, going back to America in 5 days... I don't know whether this is good or not... School here is like hell, but at least I had Cory, I love him so much, but he broke up with me when I told him I'm moving... I kinda understand him, it's hard for a 16 year old date while his girl is living on the other side of the world.
We're going to live at Grandma's house... At least I was told uncle Nick is just an year older than me... so, I won't be alone in school! And then, there's uncle Joe, I really don't know what to expect... he never visit as he promised! I should be mad at him, but I'm not, we didn't visit either, but now I wonder how does he look like, cause he used to be so handsome! Oh my, he's my uncle, what am I saying right? And he's probably married by now... he's 25 I think... now I can't wait to be back and see everyone again... specially uncle Joe!



Thanks a lot for everything!!

1- What will happen now?
2- Anything??


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